What Does Astragin Do in Pre-Workout?

What Does Astragin Do in Pre-Workout?

When it comes to taking supplements, your gut is where it all happens. Here, your body breaks down food to get nutrients, which supplies us with energy, protein and several other wonderful things that keep us ticking.

So it’s no wonder then that you’d want a supplement that boosts your gut’s efficiency, right? Well, introducing Astragin helps you absorb the nutrients you need to kill it in the gym. Trust us; we have a good gut feeling about this one. 

What Is Astragin?

What Is Astragin?

Astragin, otherwise known as Astragalus Root Extract, is a natural compound that increases your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and promotes a healthy gut. As you would imagine, your gut plays a significant role in your health, weight, mood and sleep quality. 

Astragin improves your body’s ability to absorb nutrients by increasing or up-regulating nutrient transport. Nutrient transport controls your body’s import of molecules, which then feed into your metabolic pathways. Basically, they are responsible for transporting the nutrients that your body collects from food in your gut to the rest of the body. 

Every nutrient that you need is first passed through the gut and is then broken down into what the body will use it for. You can imagine how vital Astragin would be in a pre-workout with its ability to help you absorb nutrients more efficiently. 

What Are The Benefits Of Astragin In Pre-workout Supplements?

Improves gut wall integrity: Astragin helps with maintaining your gut health. This is achieved by promoting gut ecosystem homeostasis by increasing microbiota-immunity communication and helping with intestinal epithelial repair.

May help with nutrient absorption: This, in turn, helps with nutrient absorption (like glucose absorption), which in itself has loads of benefits. By helping the human body absorb the nutrients it needs, Astragin is key in supporting lean muscle growth and strengthening, improved athletic performance, and increased power output. It’ll add to your overall health. Your body’s ability to efficiently process and transport nutrients is at the centre of all your health benefits. 

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Astragin?

The recommended dose for taking Astragin is 50 to 60 mg daily for the best results. You can get Astragin in powder or pill form and take it with water or your favourite beverage. For Astragin in a pre-workout supplement, just follow the dosage directions for that pre-workout.

How Should You Take Astragin?

You can take Astragin in pill form or by mixing Astragin powder into your morning smoothie or in water. 

When Should You Take Astragin?

Astragin is best-taken post-workout. During this time, your body needs more proteins and amino acids to help it recover. Astragin can help you get the nutrients you need to recover your energy and reduce muscle soreness so you can hit the gym sooner. 

Where Can I Buy Pre-Workout Supplements With Astragin In?

You can purchase Astragin concentrate in pill form or as a powder. Alternatively, Astragin comes as an ingredient in some great pre-workout supplements that you can find on Power Supps.

What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Astragin Supplementation?

When used appropriately and within the recommended dosages, Astragin is relatively safe. However, like most supplements, there are always some potential side effects that we need to consider. For Astragin, they are:

  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Nasal symptoms
  • Stomach discomfort

People prone to the above symptoms should consult their doctor or dietitian before considering Astragin as a supplement.

Final Thoughts On Astragin Do in Pre-workout Supplements

Told you we had a good gut feeling about this one! Astragin is at the centre of it all; by helping your body absorb nutrients efficiently, it helps send nutrients to your brain, muscles and organs. As a result, athletes who take Astragin as a pre-workout should expect an overall boost in their performance.

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