Open a Power Supps

Open a Power Supps

Power Supps has seen the rise and fall of many franchise companies since establishing business in 2016 and decided that sharing our winning formula through an attractive cash positive License Model is an exciting next step for many.

What makes Power Supps Supplement Stores a cut above the rest ?

We often see a very familiar business model with being locked into a Franchise driven store.
The charging of large franchise fees coupled with additional royalty fees essentially minimising the locations profits and sending them to head office.

The Power Supps model ensures your hard work and YOU as the licencee keeps all the profit in YOUR business.


Power Supps Townsville Opening

James – Power Supps Townsville

”We were on the hunt for a supplement group to join and I had the fortune of already working in the industry so had a number of contacts to call upon. Blair and the Power Supps brand were recommended to me on multiple occasions from different suppliers so naturally I had to check them out and wasn’t disappointed. Blair vets out who is suitable to represent the brand to keep value and quality with store owners , this was important to me as I didn’t want just join any old group. You can tell Blair genuinely loves the industry and wants your store to perform from the get go. The information and resources Blair provides makes owning a store much easier than it ordinarily would be.”

Sunny Testimonial

Sunny – Owner 3 locations

”I have been with Power Supps for the last 3 years now. When I first started I felt there was a gap in Ipswich for high quality supplements stores to service the community. I now proudly operate 3 locations.

We are one big family at Power Supps all working together. After 3 years, I could not be more happy with the way our stores are operating today. It has given me work-life balance and flexibility in managing my time. I am miles ahead from where I was when I got here 3 years ago. I have learnt to embrace the challenges and be open to new experiences because the sky is the limit!!

I am very proud of operating a well-known supplement store in our community.”

Power Supps has the optimal Small Business model to maximise success. Providing guidance and strategies on low upfront cost start ups which focus on:

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Frequently Asked Questions

A small location (60m2) will generally cost around the $75,000 which includes:

  • Shop Fitout
  • Stock Purchase
  • Initial Roll Out Marketing Strategy

Power Supps then recommends an additional working capital availability of around $25,000 for after the initial opening so that the business has a positive cash balance to begin.

Larger locations and locations that are within shopping centre’s naturally incur a higher set up cost and then ongoing costs due to the additional size of the square meterage and higher lease fees. These are often recovered in store due to the higher foot traffic and higher sales.

Generally the Licensee defines the area or potential locations they wish to open and then Power Supps is more than willing to assist in the final decision of the new location and the securement of that location.

Yes, this can be done by paying $1000 which will reserve you that territory for 12 months. After 12 months if an open date has not been secured then that territory will become available again.

We have a detailed training program in place which is constantly being updated. Our thorough and in-depth small business start-up model is based around getting Licencee’s cash positive as fast as possible and achieving this by giving them all the tools necessary to run a successful business. Our model also allows us to minimise overheads from the get-go and removes unnecessary fees.

Power Supps offers training on:

  1. Systems & Integrations
  2. Operational Process
  3. HR & Employee Onboarding
  4. Purchasing
  5. Stock Management
  6. Financial Management & Budgets
  7. Social Media Management
  8. Advertising & Marketing

Yes, with our model you can rebrand and receive all the benefits of being with the Power Supps team!

No, we have a few of our current Licencees that had ZERO knowledge before opening and now own multiple locations.