Total War Vs C4 Pre-Workout – What Are The Key Differences?

Medically reviewed by Dr Dimitar Marinov
Total War Vs C4

Pre-workout supplements are designed to enhance your workout, helping you smash everyone. But which one do you choose Redcon1’s Total War and Cellucor C4’s pre-workouts are some of the most popular on the market, but which is right for you?

This article will cover the key differences between Total War and C4 pre-workouts to help you see which is the best pre-workout for you.

Total War Review

review of Redcon 1 Total War

Total War by Redcon1 is an all-in-one pre-workout, supporting focus, energy, and endurance. The pre-workout focuses on increasing your blood flow and creating muscle pumps to keep you working harder for longer.

The pre-workout features a variety of ingredients proven to improve workout performance, like caffeine, citrulline malate, beta-alanine, and juniper berry extract. Citrulline malate is known to increase blood flow to your muscles and enhance muscle pumps, providing nutrient delivery to your muscles to maximise your workout.

Total War is available in over twenty flavours, offering a flavour to suit every taste. Some users found that some flavours were overpowering and artificial, likely to mask the sour taste of the citrulline. Not all flavours have this artificial taste, with Strawberry Kiwi being popular.

Total War pre-workout is loved by users, with hundreds of positive reviews praising its effectiveness found online. They felt more focused and alert during workouts, allowing them to hit their goals consistently.

What Are The Benefits Of Total War Pre-Workout?

Total War pre-workout has a few benefits, which we have listed below for you:

  • The energy boost the caffeine provides gives users the surge to complete their workout
  • The pre-workout supplement offers a fully transparent label so you can see what you are putting in your body
  • The pre-workout is vegan-friendly, lactose-free, and suitable for a gluten-free and keto diet
  • The wide variety of flavours allows you to find one you will enjoy drinking
  • The strength gain offered can help muscle growth and muscular endurance, ensuring you hit your workout goals

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Of Total War Pre-Workout?

Providing you take the correct dosage of Total War, you are unlikely to experience any side effects. Side effects from Total War are rare and minimal, with a few users reporting uncomfortable itchiness from the beta-alanine in the pre-workout.

The high caffeine content in Total War pre-workout can make it unsuitable for some customers, with some experiencing an energy crash as the caffeine wears off. The ingredient list also makes it unsuitable for anyone following a paleo diet.

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C4 Review

review of C4

Cellucor C4 is another popular pre-workout supplement on the market. This pre-workout uses caffeine to boost your energy levels and alertness, preparing you for the workout ahead.

Beta-alanine is also present, assisting your muscles to work harder through your workouts. Arginine Alpha, known as AAKG, is used too. AAKG helps your liver process the by-products of a heavy workout and helps with protein synthesis. Including it here helps prevent soreness and stiffness during training and speed up recovery, so you don’t need to miss another workout.

C4 is available in nine flavours; each tastes good without overwhelming artificial tastes. The flavours of a pre-workout aren’t important to everyone, but a good taste does make it easier to drink.

What Are The Benefits Of C4 Pre-Workout?

Consuming C4 before a workout has several benefits, listed below for you:

  • The caffeine provides an energy boost, but there is no obvious crash that you get with other pre-workouts
  • The flavours are tasty and refreshing, making it easier to drink the pre-workout
  • The pre-workout offers a good energy boost, with muscle pumps that power you through a workout
  • Users found the workouts were more intense, allowing them to smash their goals

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Of C4 Pre Workout?

Side effects of C4 are minimal and very rare. Taking the correct dosage makes you unlikely to experience any side effects. Some users did report headaches when consuming the pre-workout, but it had not been well documented as a side effect and will unlikely affect everyone.

The ingredients of the C4 pre-workout do make it unsuitable for a keto diet. Cellcor also cannot confirm if the ingredients are kept free of contamination with gluten products, so you should avoid this pre-workout if you are gluten-free.

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What Are The Key Differences Between Total War & C4 Pre Workout?

The biggest difference between these pre-workouts is the caffeine content. While both offer a high level of caffeine, Total War has twice the caffeine as C4. C4 has 150mg of caffeine per serving, while Total War has 320mg.

Another difference is the flavours on offer. Total War pre-workout offers more flavours than C4, providing better variety. However, C4 offers a better-quality of flavours. Users found that these flavours tasted less artificial, making the pre-workout more enjoyable to drink.

That is not to say Total War does not have tasty flavours, but they are better suited to those after a good pre-workout and aren’t worried about the taste. Total War’s sugar-free flavours make them a better option for users wanting to monitor or reduce their sugar intake.

Another difference is the performance. Both offer an enhanced performance, but Total War will give you a larger energy boost. You will still get a boost of energy from C4, but it won’t be the explosive energy we see with C4. That said, energy crashes were reported more with Total War than C4, so you should consider your tolerance to caffeine and if you crash after it when choosing between the two.

Which Pre-Workout Is Best For Me?

Deciding which pre-workout is best for you comes down to personal preference. Total War is best suited to people with a high caffeine tolerance, looking to boost energy and focus during a workout. It offers sugar-free flavours, transparent labelling, which allows you to see the ingredients used and a vegan-friendly formula. Total War is often recommended for and by elite athletes who need the strongest pre-workout to boost focus and energy levels during a workout. If this sounds like you, then Total War is for you.

C4 is a fine choice for anyone concerned about the flavours and taste of their pre-workout. With refreshing flavours that aren’t overly synthetic, it offers an enjoyable pre-workout to consume. The lower caffeine levels make it a fine introduction to pre-workout supplements, too, without causing crashes after use. It will boost focus during a workout to aid muscle growth and boost your energy to complete your training. The added ingredients in C4 make it suitable for anyone looking to reduce recovery time and stiffness during a workout.

Consider these points carefully to help you choose the best pre-workout for you and your needs. Total War and C4 are excellent choices that can enhance your performance and improve endurance.

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