Total War Vs Big Noise – What Are The Key Differences?

Medically reviewed by Dr Dimitar Marinov
Total War Vs Big Noise

Pre-workout supplements can improve muscular volume, aid protein synthesis, and provide extra energy to help you complete your workout. Total War and Big Noise are popular pre-workouts offered by Redcon1, helping to maximise pre-workout pumps and get users the gains they want.

But what are their key differences? Which is the better pre-workout for you?

Our guide today will tell you that we have a review of both pre-workouts, including their benefits and side effects, and the key differences listed so you can see which is the better pre-workout for you.

Total War Review

review of Redcon 1 Total War

Redcon1’s pre-workout, Total War, is an all-in-one workout designed to provide endurance, boost energy, and focus you during workouts. The pre-workout increases your blood flow, creates muscle pumps, and improves your concentration to keep you working out harder and for longer.

The pre-workout contains citrulline malate, juniper berry, and beta-alanine, but its main ingredient is caffeine. The combination of these enhances muscle pumps, directs more blood to your muscles, and offers nutrient delivery to your muscles, helping you maximise your workouts.

The pre-workout comes in over twenty flavours, allowing you to find one that suits your taste buds. The option of sugar-free flavours sets it apart from its competition and makes the pre-workout suitable for various diets. Some users found that the artificial flavours used in the pre-workout dampened the taste and that some flavours were overwhelming. This might be to counteract the sour taste of the ingredients used and can impact how well you enjoy drinking the pre-workout.

However, if you are more focused on a pre-workout with a strong pump component that will boost your energy, Total War is a fantastic option, even if it does not taste the best.

What Are The Benefits Of Total War Pre-Workout?

Total War pre-workout has several benefits, which we have listed below for you:

  • The wide variety of flavours allows you to find a pre-workout that suits your tastes
  • The fully transparent label allows you to see what you are putting into your body
  • The caffeine provides a huge energy boost to power you through any workout
  • Total War is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and lactose-free

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Of Total War Pre-Workout?

Should you take the correct dosage of Total War, there are little to no side effects. Side effects are rare and minimal, allowing you to enjoy the pre-workout worry-free.

Some users reported feeling itchy and attributed it to including beta-alanine in the pre-workout. If beta-alanine does not agree with you, avoid this pre-workout.

The high caffeine content in Tota War can cause an energy crash and other side effects linked to caffeine, like feeling jittery or anxious. Should high amounts of caffeine cause you to feel this way, Total War might not be your best choice.

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Big Noise Review

review of Big Noise

Also, by Redcon1, Big Noise is a pre-workout that expands blood vessels, circulates nutrients and promotes faster gains and recovery. Unlike other pre-workouts on the market, there are no stimulants.

In Big Noise, you will find malic acid, silicon dioxide, critic acid, calcium silicate, sucralose, natural and artificial flavours, and acesulfame potassium. It provides the same energy you get with Total War but without the stimulants.

Big Noise uses added focus ingredients to help you concentrate through your workout, but without the caffeine, it won’t keep you up if you train late at night.

The pre-workout is available in eight flavours, including an unflavoured option, allowing you to find one that suits your tastes perfectly. Unlike Total War, there are few reports of the flavours tasting artificial or being overpowering, making it a good alternative for users.

What Are The Benefits Of Big Noise Pre-Workout?

Big Noise pre-workout has several benefits, listed below:

  • It is caffeine-free, allowing you to take it before late workouts and still sleep afterwards
  • The variety of flavours allows you to find a pre-workout that suits your tastebuds
  • The pre-workout helps to improve mind-muscle concentration and mental focus to keep you focused during workouts
  • The pre-workout can be stacked with other stimulant or caffeine-based pre-workouts to enhance your workout
  • The pre-workout is lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Of Big Noise Pre Workout?

Providing you follow the dosage correctly, you should not experience any adverse side effects when taking Big Noise pre-workout. Some side effects can occur, but these are rare and minimal. Some users reported headaches when taking the pre-workout, but adjusting the dosage saw these improve.

The pre-workout is also unsuitable for anyone following a paleo or keto diet.

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What Are The Key Differences Between Total War & Big Noise Workout?

The biggest difference between Total War and Big Noise is the caffeine content. Total War has a whopping 320mg of caffeine per serving, while Big Noise has none. The lack of caffeine makes Big Noise a fine choice for late-night workouts, as it will keep you pumped but not interrupt your sleeping pattern.

Total War’s high caffeine content might put some users off, but it does the job of offering incredible mental focus and a surge of energy, which will see you smash your goals.

Another difference between the two is the flavours offered. Total War offers over twenty flavours, including sugar-free options, while Big Noise has eight flavours. Big Noise does offer an unflavoured portion, which is ideal for anyone who isn’t worried about flavourings or wants to avoid artificial-tasting pre-workouts.

Both pre-workouts offer similar benefits, but you will notice more of an energy boost with Total War, thanks to its high caffeine content.

Which Pre-Workout Is Best For Me?

Deciding which pre-workout is best for you depends on your needs. If you want to work out late at night, opt for Big Noise, as the caffeine-free pre-workout won’t disturb your sleep. Big Noise is perfect for newbies in the pre-workout world who don’t want to use stimulants or are looking for a caffeine-free alternative. It can also be staked with caffeine or stimulant-based pre-workouts should your desired usage change. Big Noise offers a good variety of flavours, and the unflavoured option sets it apart from others on the market.

Total War is perfect for people who want a huge energy boost to power them through their workout. The mental focus and strong pump it generates will see you make muscle gains quickly and enjoy laser focus in the gym. Total War is a good option for people after a sugar-free pre-workout or who want a variety of flavours to choose from.

Carefully consider what features you want from your pre-workout and how they will fit into your lifestyle when deciding which pre-workout to purchase. Total War and Big Noise are excellent options that will provide you with the energy to achieve your workout goals and speed up your recovery.

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