Best Total War Flavour

Best Total War Flavour

Total War Review

Total War is one of the most popular pre-workouts in the world! This is for good reason, it has a killer formula and has been trusted by generations of bodybuilders and weekend warriors alike. The hardest part about taking Total War is deciding which flavour to choose from. With a great flavour profile and so many options this can be quite the task! For that reason, we are breaking down the TOP 10 best flavour of Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout.

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Top 10 Total War Pre Workouts

10. Grape

This flavour is an absolute crowd pleaser. Grape is definitely one of the sweeter and stronger flavours of the product. If you aren’t someone who likes sweet, this might not be the best option for you. In saying that, Grape is definitiely a top seller!

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9. Strawberry Kiwi

When it comes to buying pre or an EAA/BCAA supplement, Strawberry Kiwi is a pretty safe bet. Redcon1 Total War is no different when it comes to this general rule. The sweetness of the strawberry is complimented beautifully because the tartness of the kiwi cuts through. If you are wanting something a little bit sweet and a little bit sour, this is the pre for you!

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8. Lemon Lime Blast

This is one of the newest flavours to our store but it is quickly growing in popularity. This flavour is perfect for someone who does not want sweet but prefers more tart and refreshing. The combination of lemon and lime in this product keeps this flavour from being too sour. When used with the intended amount of fluid, the taste is just right. You can now have a good pump and great energy while feeling like your sipping some delicious lemonade!

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7. Blue Lemonade

One of the safest options when it comes to selecting a great pre flavour. Blue Lemonade is a fantastic option for a large range of supplements due to its generic flavour profile. The “blue” can be likened to that of a blue Powerade or Gatorade with a mild lemonade aftertaste. This combination is one of the most popular for first time total war users.

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6. Sour Gummy Bear

If you have a sweet tooth and a formula that tastes like a fist full of lollies sound up your alley, then this is the flavour for you! Sour Gummy Bear is a knockout flavour option because it once again combines sweet and sour which customers absolutely love. This flavour is best described by imagining eating Sour Patch Kids where you have a sour tang complimented by sweet under tones. This flavour is also available in Big Noise by Recon1 and is equally as popular and delicious.

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5. Watermelon

A juicy slice of water melon on a hot summers day… doesn’t sound too bad for a supplement flavour does it? This is exactly what you can expect when buying this flavour and let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed. This flavour is somewhat sweeter than an actual watermelon but if you don’t mind that, then you will absolutely love this flavour.

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4. Pineapple Juice

One of the most refreshing fruit juices has now been transformed into a powder for you to enjoy before the gym. This product is perfect for someone who cannot decide whether or not they want sweet or sour because it has a little bit of both. Pineapple Juice as a flavour is also very refreshing, so if you live in a hotter climate and want to feel your thirst well and truly quenched before a training session, this flavour will definitely do the job!

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3. Blue Raspberry

This flavour is often confused with Blue Lemonade and whilst they are both delicious, they definitely have their differences. To imagine this flavour, take a raspberry beverage and add some blue Powerade/Gatorade and combine the two together. This combination is so delicious because the tartness of the raspberry is mellowed out by the sweetness of the blue flavour, creating a pretty awesome combo.

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2. Green Apple

If you have ever wanted to your supplements to taste like you are biting into a juicy, green apple, this flavour is going to be perfect for you! If you want a product that is refreshing and delicious without being too sweet, there is no better way to get that caffeine hit before your session. Pre-workouts can taste bit dodgy at times, but this one is an absolute winner!

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1. Orange Crush

This is another one of the most popular flavour choices for a wide range of supplements and for good reason, it tastes incredible. Orange is a great choice if you enjoy a fruit, refreshing finish to your caffeine-based beverage! If you want to feel like you are sipping a cup of OJ before your sessions, look no further than Orange Crush from Redcon1.

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Best Total War Pre Workout Flavour Summary

These are just 10 of the best total war flavour that we stock at Power Supps and the crazy thing is, we still have plenty more flavours in this product! To get the most out of your products, we recommend following the directions of use that we provide on our website for each product so that you can experience it as the makers intended. Supplements comes in a range of different flavours but it can be difficult to know what you are really getting, so we hope this blog post has helped you. If you are wanting top notch supps at the best price, look no further than Power Supps next time you need to stock up!