What is Turkesterone & what does it do?

Fantom Sports Turkesterone

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid that has shown incredible results since it has been introduced into the supplement world. What is known as a “natural anabolic agent” has been marketed to athletes to increase strength and muscle mass. In the 1980s the most active phytoecdysteroid, ecdysterone (beta-ecdysone, a “Russian secret”), was suspected to be used by Russian Olympic athletes.

Where Does Turkesterone Come From?

Turkesterone is one of the primary bioactive compounds naturally occurring in Ajuga turkestanica. This is plant with a long history of use in traditional medicine for its anabolic, adaptogenic, hepatoprotective and hypoglycemic activity.

In Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan the plant has been valued for its beneficial effects on muscle strength and stomach aches. If you are looking to get straight to the product page itself click here!

Turkesterone Benefits

Lets take a look at some of the potential benefits of as an ecdysteroid.

  • extracts of ajuga turkestanica have been shown to activate Notch receptors in skeletal muscle cells, which helps stem cells to develop into new muscle cells.
  • possess anti-stress effects, which can indirectly support muscle building via optimizing cortisol levels in the body.
  • ecdysteroid-enriched extracts of Ajuga turkestanica have also been found to display anabolic effects on muscles.
  • Immune boosting and stimulating effects

Turkesterone Benefits for Bodybuilding

When a product displays any sort of anabolic effect on the body you know the bodybuilding community will be onto it straight away. What is worth noting is the fact that is causes little if no adverse side effects. This is huge and most anabolic compounds shut down natural testosterone levels. For natural bodybuilders this is the perfect product fo help build muscle naturally as fast as possible.

Turk can also be used Post Cycle as a powerful natural compound to help maintain those gains. Whether it be from anabolics or SARMS, use Turkesterone post cycle for better recovery.

Is Turkesterone Safe?

With the various studies that have been done on Turk there have been no side effects that have been seen to warrant any serious concern. The known issue with ecdysteroids is that they are easily metabolised in the body so larger amounts may be needed.

How much Turkesterone to take?

There are no current dosing recommendations for Turk as it is such a new compound to hit the market. We did a bit of in house testing at Power Supps and found 1000mg per day to be the sweet spot for general usage. With different staff running the compound for various lengths of time we found 10 weeks to be the sweet spot.

When taking 1000mg of Turkesterone per day, split the dose up if possible. 500mg in the morning and 500mg in the afternoon can be seen the ideal timing of this compound. If you decide to take more than 1000mg you can spread the timing throughout the day (1000mg x 3 times per day).

Turkesterone Supplements

Power Supps stocks multiple Turkesterone and Ecdysterone products. Both compounds are very similar, and we have found stacking them enhances the effects even more! Try them separately to see how they go or stack them for the ultimate muscle building stack.

Stacking Turkesterone

Turkesterone can be stacked well with other testosterone boosters, growth hormone boosters or estrogen blockers. It may also be used with fat loss supplements due to its possible ability to alter lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

Stacking Turk with another strong ecdysteroid like 20-Hydroxyecdysone or Beta Ecdysterone has shown compounding benefits. As these two compounds are seen as the strongest natural anabolic agents available, one can only image the benefits that can be made by stacking.

Beta Ecdysterone on its own has been shown to produce the same anabolic effects if not more than Turkesterone. We have been able to source JD Nutraceuticals Beta Ecdysterone who use the same delivery system as the Fantom Sports Turkesterone. This is a very important aspect of these products as it supports an enhanced uptake of the ingredients. The Beta-Cyclodextrin-Complex is an absorbtion ingredient all compounds should have so you can ensure the maximum mg of uptake from your product.

Take a look at “The Mass Stack” which has the Fantom Sports Turkesterone and the JD Nutraceuticals Beta Ecdysterone!

Turkesterone PCT

This compound will not require a PCT as it does not cause any suppressions of natural levels. Ecdysteroids don’t show binding affinity to the AR (Androgen Receptop), but this is a good thing!!

When coming off a cycle of SARMS or steroids the general consensus is to come off everything. Some people like to play around with other compounds like NOLVA or CLOMID but you are essentially delaying the inevitable.

Using Ecdysteroids like Turkesterone and Beta Ecdysterone will give you the most anabolic compounds available that will not further cause suppression. Using these along with a good natural test booster like JD Nutraceuticals Testo Blast and DTF Hard will go a long way to keeping all those hard earned gains!

Turkesterone Australia

Power Supps is very happy that we can supply 100% pure Turkesterone to its customers. Even better with ecdysteroids like Turkesterone and APO Compounds 20-e (20-Hydroxyecdysone) is there is no side effects or suppression of natural levels.

Turkesterone Muscle Growth

Turkesterone enhances muscle repair and growth by increasing muscle protein synthesis. There is also evidence to suggest that ecysteriods, such as turk, are also able to increase muscle ATP content, which translates to increased muscular energy and endurance during exercise.

Turkesterone Reviews

Since Turk has not been commercially used for long periods of time there is not 100’s of reviews that flow through. BUT with the response from products like Gorilla Mind Turkesterone we KNOW its going to be absolutely EPIC. The readiness and keenness to use Turk clearly shows that individuals who have been lucky enough to use that compound just want more!

Turkesterone FAQs

Does Turkesterone have any side effects?

The anabolic turkey (as we like to call it at Power Supps) does have one known side effect. The side effect included muscle building effects that can be observed after weeks of consuming the product. In all seriousness there is no known side effects currently for Turkesterone. Due to it being a new compound we will likely see more research carried out on the actual ingredient itself. It can be noted that some individuals have felt a little nausea when taking the product on an empty stomach.

What foods contain Turkesterone?

Ajuga turkestanica is a plant used in traditional medicine for its high ecdysteroid content, including the presence of the particularly active turkesterone, which possess efficient anabolic activity.

Is Turkesterone a steroid?

The industry got very excited when Ecdysteroids where first looked at because their structure looks very similar to androgenic hormones. If anything naturally occurring looks this way it can only mean a huge breakthrough with lots of new products.

When ecdysteroids didn’t show binding affinity to the AR (amongst other things) the research was largely abandoned and everyone forgot about the compounds.

When the studies moved away from androgenic receptors and looked into muscle protein synthesis rates everything changed. It was found that protein synthesis rates increased in animal muscle tissue!

If the ecdysteroid makes it to the muscle tissue, they increase protein synthesis, and they do it fast, powerfully and with a lasting effect.

Does Turkesterone actually work?

Lets wrap up what we know about Turkesterone!

  • Ecdysteroids like Turkesterone are naturally occurring plant and insect growth factors
  • Humans have receptors for them
  • They do not exhibit androgenic behaviour
  • This means their safety profile is very high compared to other steroids
  • They can increase protein synthesis rates
  • They can have positive side effects for organs and general health

Gorilla Minds Turkesterone Australia

Derek from more plates more dates was one of the originals when it came to Turkesterone Supplementation. One very important thing to look at with his product is the Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Complex that has been added with the Ajuga Turkestanica Extra (standardised to 10% Turkesterone).

This is so important as it essentially enhances the ability for the Turkesterone to get absorbed by the body. One of the big issues faced with products is the ability for the active ingredient to get to the designed destination. With the Cyclodextrin complex added the chances are increased significantly.

We are lucky enough to have Fantom Sports Turkesterone 500mg which has been formulated to the same specs.

This is a real bonus with the issues faced with trying to import and get products from overseas.