Best Rule 1 Protein Flavours

best rule 1 protein flavours

Better Input = Better Output. That’s the philosophy that Rule 1 stands behind as a brand. When it comes to protein powder, these guys certainly know a thing or two. Being good is never good enough, so Rule 1 have made it their mission to deliver the best protein powders in the world. Ontop of the best quality, Rule 1 have the biggest and best protein flavours available.

Their flagship Rule 1 Protein Isolate is the epitome of quality and purity when it comes to protein powders. Made from 100% whey isolates and hydrolysates and virtually nothing else to give nothing but pure protein with a capital-P.

It’s no wonder that this high quality protein powder is a leader in it’s field when it comes to it’s purity. It’s what they choose to leave out of their formula that is just as significant as what they put in. The purity of the isolates and hydrolysates used in the formula yield a greater amount of protein per gram in comparison to other supplements that are comprised predominantly of whey protein concentrates. And with the omission of gums, fillers and any of the unnecessary ingredients, with Rule 1 Protein you get more of what you came for – Protein.

Ideal for high-level athletes and serious trainers, Rule 1 Protein is by far an ideal protein choice for those who are looing to maximise their muscle recovery and growth.

Rule 1 Protein Review

When you take a look around, there are proteins upon proteins available on the market today. But these guys are what you can call supplement Pros! Rule 1 know the difference between the “good stuff and the over-hypes wannabes”. This is where Rule 1 Protein was created, a WPI and Hydrolysate blend comprised of minimal ingredients and only the highest quality of whey proteins. No whey protein concentrates found here!

The formula yields just under 87% protein per serve and contains over 6 grams of BCAA’s. Rule 1 Protein contains all amino acids required for optimal performance, muscle protein synthesis and recovery thanks to the extremely high quality proteins contained in the formula.

Whey Protein Isolate is more easily digested and ideal for those who may have digestive issues or are sensitive to lactose. Whey Hydrolysate is digested very rapidly, more so than other forms of whey protein. Now this is some very good news if you have some serious muscle building goals in your sights.

Rule 1 Protein is by far one of the cleanest and highest yielding proteins on the market today. With zero sugar, fat, fillers, gums, amino acid spiking and creamers, Rule 1 Protein is exactly what it says – Protein – and high quality protein at that!

Now you would think that something this good for you wouldn’t taste great wouldn’t you? Well, Rule 1 have you covered there too. This formula tastes nothing short of amazing. Despite the fact that it contains zero sugar and fat and is very low in sodium, Rule 1 Protein is well up there in terms of taste and flavour variety. With an unfathomable number of different flavours to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice formula and flavour wise.

Key Benefits

  • Dual protein formula consisting of 100% whey protein from – whey protein isolate and fast acting whey hydrolysate.
  • Contains no whey concentrates.
  • 25g of fast acting protein.
  • 6g of BCAA’s per serve to aid in muscle recovery and muscle protein synthesis.
  • Fully instantized to allow for easy mixing with a spoon or shaker cup.
  • Zero sugar, fat, gums, creamers, gluten, artificial preservatives, amino acid spiking and fillers.

Rule 1 Protein Key Ingredients

When it comes to muscle building and recovery, Rule 1 and their aptly coined Better Input = Better Output have created an unbeatable high quality protein powder formula. Containing only 100% whey isolates and hydrolysates, Rule 1 Protein contains no concentrates, instead relying on only the highest yielding protein sources to produce a superior product that supersedes it’s competitors.

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Isolates are very well known for being the purest and highest quality form of whey protein available. The whey protein is filtered, with concentrates and impurities being removed. What remains is whey protein isolate which is so pure that it contains almost zero lactose, sugars, carbohydrates and fats.

Whey protein isolates generally contain in excess of 90% protein contents and a very easily and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate

The other form of whey protein in the Rule 1 formula is whey protein hydrolysate. Hydrolysate is a concentrate or isolate that has had some of the amino bonds broken through the protein being exposed to heat, enzymes or acids. Due to the pre-digestion process, the hydrolysed proteins are then able to be more rapidly absorbed in the digestive system.

Each Serving of Rule 1 Protein Contains:

  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate
  • Natural and Artificial Flavours
  • Lecithin
  • Sucralose
  • Salt
  • Acesulfame Potassium

Our Top Selling Rule 1 Protein Flavours

Chocolate Fudge

You haven’t tried a good chocolate protein until you have tried Rule 1 Chocolate Fudge. Creamy, smooth and incredibly rich, this flavour is to die for. Rich in flavour and a chocolate lovers delight, Chocolate Fudge is a flavour that you will have to try just so you believe us! One sip and you’re in chocolate heaven. Truly a delicious flavour that you will go back to time and time again.

Get Rule 1 Protein Chocolate Fudge!

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Lightly Salted Caramel

What is there not to love about salted caramel. This flavour is rich, but in no way over-the-top. Think smooth and fudge-like caramel with a hint of salt to balance the sweetness. If you are after something a little on the fancy side then Lightly Salted Caramel is a must try. So delicious, so moreish and a taste sensation that will have your taste buds smiling.

Get Rule 1 Protein Lightly Salted Caramel!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter

What goes together better than literally anything else in the world? Chocolate and Peanut Butter of course. This is one for the all the PB (and chocolate) lovers out there. Think of this exactly like you are drinking a liquified version of your favourite smooth PB mixed with delicious melted milk chocolate. Insert drool face here! This flavour requires no words really. If you are after the epitome of delicious then Chocolate Peanut Butter should well and truly be at the top of your must-try list.

Get Rule 1 Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter!

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Chocolate Biscuit

You know those double layered Tim Tams that make it really hard to just stop at one? Well this is exactly what Chocolate Biscuit tastes like. Rich, smooth chocolate mixed with delectable chocolate biscuit. Kind of a chocolate on chocolate you could say. This flavour is unbeatably smooth, moreish and undeniably good!

Get Rule 1 Protein Chocolate Biscuit!

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Cookies and Cream

Think rich creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with rich chocolate biscuits. This sensational (yes we did use that word) flavour combination is a perfect choice for those who tend to deliberate between chocolate and vanilla. The creamy, smooth consistency of the protein makes the flavour all-the-more delectable and moreish. If want something that’s neither all vanilla or all chocolate then this flavour is sure to be a real hit.

Get Rule 1 Protein Cookies and Cream!

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Frozen Banana

We’ve all done it before, blended frozen chunks of banana to create a rich, creamy and luscious soft serve-like “nice cream” Well imagine that exact flavour encapsulated into a shake! Rule 1 Protein Frozen Banana is much more than just your average candy banana protein powder. These guys have gone all out and made the flavour so delectable that it will make you think twice. In fact, if you want to up the ante on the flavour, blend with frozen banana and you will be in nice cream heaven.

Get Rule 1 Protein Frozen Banana!

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Mint Choc Chip

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little more variety when it comes to the chocolate flavours. Rule 1 have coved all bases for all of the chocolate lovers out there. Mint Chocolate Chip is a rich, creamy milk chocolate with a subtle hint of fresh mint. Now, no need to be scared here as the mint is in no way on the overpowering side, but more a fresh addition that gives the flavour a little more class. Fresh, chocolatey and incredible moreish, Mint Choc Chip is an absolute delight.

Get Rule 1 Protein Mint Choc Chip!

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Raspberry White Choc

White Chocolate is delicious on it’s own, but add raspberry to the mix and you have a flavour that is unimaginably incredible. Raspberry White Choc is the perfect blend of rich, vanilla bean white chocolate with a hint of raspberry. If you are after a flavour that is a little different to the traditional flavours then Raspberry White Choc is the perfect choice.

Get Rule 1 Protein Raspberry White Choc!

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Strawberries and Cream

Oh this flavour is a real dream! The creamy texture of the protein is a perfect combination for this Rule 1 beauty. Strawberries and Cream is a rich and creamy blend of ripe strawberries that are bursting with flavour and vanilla-infused cream. Sounds too good to be true right? This dessert-like flavour is a delicious alternative to the chocolate flavours and tastes just like you are eating the real thing. Incredibly moreish and a little bit fancy, Strawberries and Cream is a must try Rule 1 Protein flavour.

Get Rule 1 Protein Strawberries and Cream!

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Strawberry Banana

Rule 1 are all for pleasing in the formula department and also the flavour department. These guys have seriously covered all bases here. For some, the chocolate-type flavours are not always the go-to. This is where something light and fruity hits the spot. Strawberry Banana almost needs no introduction. It is the perfect blend of rich, flavoursome strawberry and banana. Now, we’re taking the real deal here – rich and creamy and not candy-like as you might expect from other brands. Light, full of flavour and incredibly delicious, Strawberry Banana is sure to become a true favourite.

Get Rule 1 Protein Strawberry Banana!

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Vanilla Creme

Now there are plenty of vanilla flavours out there, but there is vanilla and then there is Rule 1 Protein Vanilla Creme. Rich, creamy and smooth, this flavour is so-darn moreish. This is not your average vanilla flavour either, but more like a fancy vanilla bean full flavour vanilla cream. Not too sweet but just right, Vanilla Creme is a delicious and versatile flavour choice that will easily become anyone’s favourite.

Get Rule 1 Protein Vanilla Creme!

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Directions of Use

Mix 1 level scoop (30g) of Rule 1 Protein with 200-300ml of water or milk depending on your preference.

This product can be consumed on its own or added to smoothies alongside Rule 1 Glutamine and Creatine Monohydrate for the ultimate post gym shake.

If you are looking for some alternatives, try adding a scoop of this protein powder to yogurt, cereal or stir into warm oats for a bowl of creamy, protein-packed goodness.

Consume 1-3 servings per day, based your personal protein requirements. Rule 1 Protein can be consumed at any time of the day but is best consumed 20-30 minutes after exercise.


Who can benefit from taking Rule 1 Protein?

Rule 1 Protein is ideal for anyone partaking in physical activity that would like to recovery optimally and perform better. Better Input = Better Output.

Whether you are new to the gym, a professional athlete or serious trainer, Rule 1 Protein is a high protein, zero fat or sugar formula that supports muscle recovery and muscle protein synthesis. Increasing your protein intake from high quality whey proteins such as Rule 1 Protein can greatly aid in achieving optimal body composition.

Does Rule 1 Protein contain any sugar?

Rule 1 Protein contains zero added sugars. Rule 1 Protein is one of the cleanest and highest yielding protein powders on the market.

The addition of sugar can hinder recovery. Rule 1 Protein is sweetened with sucralose and contains only 110 calories per serve.

What makes Rule 1 protein different from other protein powder supplements?

When it comes to protein powders, Rule 1 are at the top of their game. Rule 1 contains a formula that is comprised of whey protein isolate and hydrolysates. These forms of protein yield a higher amount of protein per gram compared to other forms of protein such as whey protein concentrates. The high protein and BCAA concentration ensure that both recovery and muscle protein synthesis is optimised.

What types of protein is Rule 1 protein made from?

Rule 1 Protein is a dual protein formula comprised of whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate making for a very rapidly absorbing source of protein.

Whey protein isolate is known as the most purest and rapidly absorbed sources of protein. Protein hydrolysates have a complete amino acids profile meaning that they contain all vital amino acids that are required for muscle growth and recovery.

Whey protein hydrolysates have been pre-digested and broken down into their di and tri peptides making for a superior protein that is easily digested and absorbed.

Does Rule 1 Protein contain any gums or fillers?

Definitely not. Rule 1 Protein delivers Protein with a capital-P. With just under 87% protein, Rule 1 have omitted all of the unnecessary ingredients to deliver a superior quality protein powder that surpasses any other protein powders on the market.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to training and lifting heavy, there’s one thing that we are all serious about – and that’s protein. Obtaining the correct amount of the highest quality protein is not only needed but imperative to optimal performance, increasing muscle mass and enhancing recovery.

Rule 1 Protein offers the highest quality and highest yielding protein on the market today. Made from 100% whey protein isolate and hydrolysates Rule 1’s formulation delivers more protein per serve, let less carbohydrates, fats and calories than other protein which are made from whey concentrates.

Their standout formula is also matched by their remarkable flavour selection. With more flavours than you thought we possible in a protein powder to choose from, you will easily be able to find a flavour that will have your taste buds tantalised in more ways than one. Hopefully we’ve narrowed it down for you, even just a little, but take it from us, no matter what flavour you choose you will be more than impressed.

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