Best Macro Mike Plant Protein Flavours

best macro mike plant protein flavours

You know that old saying’ “have you cake and eat it too”, well you actually can have your treats and eat them too when it comes to Macro Mike products. Founder Mike Kellett decided to revolutionise the world of vegan proteins and create his signature Plant Based Protein which has well and truly made a name for itself in the natural supplement industry.

The words “gritty” and “tasteless” are often phrased synonymously with vegan and plant-based proteins. Those words always stuck, until Macro Mike came along with his Plant Based Protein or as we know it- “vegan protein completely reinvented”.

Made from three plant-based proteins Macro Mike created the most delicious tasting vegan protein with such a smooth and creamy texture and consistency that you won’t believe it is actually vegan. Sounds too good to be true right? Well let us tell you that Macro Mike’s Peanut Plant Protein is actually the real deal with a taste that is out of this world.

So before we get to the part that we all want to know about – the flavours – let’s take a closer look at the protein itself and then we will walk you through our top selling Macro Mike Peanut Plant Protein flavours.

Macro Mike Plant Protein Review

When Macro Mike came along – the plant-based protein game definitely changed. With a blend made from only the highest quality Peanut, Pea and Faba Bean Protein, Macro Mike’s Plant Based Protein is the most insanely smooth and creamy plant-based protein that you will ever try. Macro Mike use coconut milk powder and coconut nectar to add to the creaminess and flawless texture of the blend.

Just like liquid peanut butter with a hint of flavour, this protein comes with superior taste, texture and a formula that covers all bases. Packed full of amino acids to help increase lean muscle mass and immune-boosting qualities together with 25 grams of protein per serve, Macro Mike has you covered.

If you have ever had trouble digesting some proteins before, then you will love Macro Mike’s Peanut Plant Protein. The delicious blend is packed with gut-loving probiotics to make it very tummy friendly indeed. The formula also is made form the highest quality ingredients and is both gluten and dairy free and contains nothing artificial.

This delicious protein is perfect for use before or after training and it’s versatility is endless. Due to it’s mixability and overall taste it can easily be added to smoothies, baking, yoghurt or oats, the versatility is endless. And with the variety of flavours to choose from you will be hard pressed to find another plant-based protein that is as good as this.

Key Benefits

  • Plant Protein Blend that is powered by Peanut Protein, Pea Protein and Faba Bean Protein.
  • Gut friendly formula with added Probiotics and completely dairy and gluten free. Macro Mike Plant Protein is also free of anything artificial and uses only natural flavours.
  • Vegan friendly formula that is proudly made in Australia.
  • Good source of both soluble and insoluble fibre.
  • Macro Mike use Coconut Milk Powder which is naturally high in MCT’s for healthy fats and to also add to the creamy texture of the protein.
  • Contains a full amino acid profile with 25.7 grams of protein per serve.
  • A high quality source of vegan protein made from whole food ingredients that can be used at any time of the day to increase protein intake.
  • Available in 13 delicious flavours.

Macro Mike Plant Protein Key Ingredients

Peanut Protein

Relatively new to the plant-based protein scene is Peanut Protein. Peanuts are classed as a legume botanically and a nut nutritionally which means that they pack way more of a punch in terms of nutrition and protein. Macro Mike use only the highest oleic peanuts to give their protein it’s signature taste, texture and flavour.

Peanut Protein powders are naturally gluten free and is actually the defatted flour that is made from peanuts. The protein itself is highly nutritious with it being a very good source of Niacin and Manganese. Peanut Protein also surpasses other common plant-based protein powders with it also proving to be an excellent source of Phosphorous, Folate, Copper and Magnesium.

The protein in peanuts is plant-based which means that it has additional health benefits such as being high in fibre and unique bio-actives. Peanut Protein is also high in the amino acid arginine which is a precursor to nitric oxide and the compound that causes vasodilation.

Pea Protein

Pea Protein is made by extracting the protein from yellow peas and is very well-known for being a high quality protein. Pea Protein contains all nine essential amino acids and is also particularly high in the branched chain amino acids – Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, all of which are essential for muscle protein synthesis.

Pea Protein is also naturally rich in iron and is vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free and low allergen.

Coconut Milk Powder and Coconut Nectar

Coconut Milk Powder is made from dehydrated coconut milk and has a rich and creamy texture with a mild flavour. Coconut Milk Powder is a natural dairy-free alternative to milk. It is also 65% coconut oil so it is rich in medium-chain fatty acids and is also has antimicrobial properties due to the fact that it contains lauric acid.

Macro Mike also use coconut flower nectar in their plant protein. Coconut nectar is the syrup that is derived from the sap of the flowers of the coconut palm. The coconut nectar brings a balance of creaminess and sweetness to the protein and adds to the delicious taste and consistency.

Faba Bean Protein

Another rising star in the world of plant-based proteins is Faba Bean Protein which come from the broad bean. Macro Mike choose to use Australian grown Faba Bean Protein in their Plant Protein to replace their previously used Rice Protein. Faba Bean Protein has a much more subtle flavour and smooth creamy texture.

Faba Beans are naturally high in protein, sitting at around 85% protein and is considered a complete protein as it contains all essential and non-essential amino acids. Nutrition wise, Faba Bean Protein is high in fibre as well as Folate, Manganese, Copper, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Potassium, Thiamine and Zinc.

Faba Bean Protein is also high in iron and antioxidants and low in fats. This protein also helps to support mental and physical health as it is also high in a compound that very easily converts to Dopamine.

Our Top Selling Macro Mike Protein Flavours

#8 – Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Say what! Yep that’s right, Macro Mike seem to be the master of all things gastronomical. Cheesecake is awesome, but Peanut Butter Cheesecake, well that’s just on another level. Just the perfect balance of both flavours, Peanut Butter Cheesecake is a unique, yet delicious flavour that you will absolutely love.

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#7 – Caramel Cinnamon Bun

Oh now this flavour is just to die for. Those gooey, bakery caramel cinnamon buns that we’re all familiar with, well Macro Mike have done us a huge favour so we can have our buns and eat them too. Sweet, caramel, buttery and with a hint of cinnamon, Caramel Cinnamon Bun will have your taste buds watering before the first sip.

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#6 – Cookie Dough

What’s not to love about cookie dough? That sweet doughy, sweet and vanilla tasting dough that really does taste better than the cooked version. Macro Mike new this flavour was a classic and sure favourite so they made it one of their Plant Protein flavours. So sweet and delicious without being too over-the-top, Cookie Dough should definitely be on your list to try.

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#5 – Chocolate Hazelnut

If you love Nutella then you will absolutely love Chocolate Hazelnut flavoured Macro mike Plant Protein. Nutty, creamy and chocolatey, Chocolate Hazelnut is a fancier version of plain old chocolate flavour and let us tell you – it’s oh-so delicious. Either have on it’s own or add to oats for a Nutella like breakfast treat or make into protein balls and roll in vegan milk chocolate for a night time treat that will be hard to stop at one.

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#4 – Original Peanut Butter

It’s the OG for a reason. Original Peanut Butter flavour is as delicious as they come. Nothing beats this timeless classic. If you are a lover of PB from way back then the OG will be classic that you will just have to have.

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#3 – Hawaiian Salted Vanilla

Macro Mike never do boring. So why have Vanilla when you can have Hawaiian Salted Vanilla. Similar to salted caramel, Salted Vanilla are two opposing flavours that seem to work so perfectly together. The delicious and sweet vanilla bean offset by a Himalayan sea salt seems to make this flavour not only versatile but a stand-out in it’s own right too. If you are wanting something sweet and flavoursome but slightly more tame than some of the other flavours, Hawaiian Salted Vanilla is definitely worth a try.

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#2 – Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate and Peanut Butter are like a match made in heaven. Think delicious, slightly salty peanut butter mixed with rich milk chocolate. If you are a lover of PB and Chocolate, well you will be a lover of this flavour too. With the best of both worlds, Chocolate Peanut Butter is a flavour that you will go back to time and time again.

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#1 – Chocolate Caramel

Choc Caramel Peanut Butter. Read that again! Yep, that’s right, Macro Mike have done the ultimate and combined chocolate, caramel and peanut butter to create the flavour of all flavours. Why have one when you can have all three flavours in one. Perfectly balanced to be even in all three flavours, Choc Caramel Peanut Butter will be your match made in vegan heaven.

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Directions Of Use

For best results mix 40g of protein with 225-250mls of cold water or milk and shake well for a deliciously flavoursome and beautifully smooth shake.

Macro Mike Plant Protein powder is also highly versatile. Try adding to smoothies, overnight oats, yoghurt, nice cream, or baked into delicious treats for a very moreish and macro friendly protein hit.

We recommend taking this product 1-3 times per day in conjunction with a nutritious, well-balanced diet.


Can I take Macro Mike plant protein if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Although Macro Mike Proteins, including the Plant Protein are all considered safe to be consumed during pregnancy and breast feeding, it is recommended that you speak with your trusted doctor before consuming this supplement.

Does Macro Mike plant protein contain caffeine?

No. Macro Mike Plant Protein does not contain any caffeine.

Final Thoughts

There are vegan proteins and there there is Macro mike Peanut Plant Protein. This reinvented formula has changed the game in terms of plant-based proteins. With the insanely smooth and creamy texture and not to mention the impeccable brilliant tasting variety of flavours – you will really be hard pressed to find anything quite as good as this.

The addition of gut-loving probiotics and high amounts of Leucine makes this formula not only beneficial in terms of overall wellness and digestion but also too has you covered in the muscle building department.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty though, flavour wise, well Macro Mike certainly excel in every way possible. The taste and texture is so flawless that you will wish that you had of found it sooner – no more gritty and boring tasting vegan protein. Don’t just take our word for it though, give it a try yourself. But do trust us when we say that Macro Mike Peanut Plant Protein is really “the best tasting plant protein in the universe”.

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