Best Faction Labs Disorder Flavours

Best Faction labs Disorder Flavours

Faction Labs Disorder is far from “ordinary”, in fact Faction Labs refuse to be just that and instead have somewhat set a new benchmark for pre workouts within the industry. What can be so different about Disorder we hear you ask? Well this one ain’t for the light hearted! Disorder definitely isn’t just another pre workout and the hardest part is choosing the best Faction Labs Flavours!

As far as stimulant pre workouts go, Faction Labs Disorder is your holy grail of pre woc crkouts, especially if you choose to double scoop. If you’re an old hand in the pre workout game then Disorder might just be your new best friend. This powdered magic contains some pretty heavy hitting stimulants, extreme energy boosting ingredients and nootropics to ensure you absolutely destroy your next training session.

Now don’t think that Faction Labs have neglected the almighty pump either. This pre workout is more than just a generous dose of caffeine and stimulants. Disorder is also your pump saviour – giving you insane pumps that will be difficult to comprehend without experiencing them for yourself. Bet we have your attention now right?

Faction Labs Disorder Review

To say that Disorder is not a supplement for your first time is an understatement. With over 500mg of caffeine if you decide to be daring and double scoop, Disorder will have even the most experienced pre workout users feeling it’s effects.

Caffeine aside, Faction labs disorder also includes a very generous dose of L-Citrulline Malate to promote nitric oxide metabolism. The role of nitric oxide is as a vasodilator and allows for an increased blood flow. Hello juicy pumps! Now, not to do anything by halves, Faction Labs also include a clinical dose of Beta alanine to prolong lactic acid build up and ensure that you annihilate your next workout.

Something that is actually pretty accurate is that Faction Labs Disorder is a rather exciting pre workout supplement. If you consider yourself somewhat of a pre workout buff then Disorder should well and truly be at the top of your bucket list as far as stimulant pre workouts go. If you are new to the pre workout game however, you might want to work our way up to this bad boy. Either way, Disorder has well and truly made a name for itself in the industry as far as pre workout formulas go.

Key Benefits

  • Faction Labs Disorder supports optimal performance delivering the nutrients you require for enhanced performance and body composition goals.
  • The 6000 mg of Citrulline Malate and the addition of L-Norvaline provide the most skin splitting muscle pumps that will have heads turning.
  • The cutting edge formula ensures that your workouts are far from ordinary. Disorder has pre workout ingredients that will have you out performing those around you and giving the extra boost you need to hit those additional reps and sets.
  • You can’t always rely on motivation and dedication. Sometimes you need that extra push. Disorder is contains a formula increase energy levels beyond what you have experienced before in other pre workouts.
  • Disorder delivers razor sharp focus thanks not only to the stimulants but also to the nootropics that offer intense focus.
  • The transparent ingredient panel hides nothing in the way of ingredients and their dosages.

Disorder Pre Workout Key Ingredients

  • Energy Production: Derived predominantly from Caffeine Anhydrous, Beta Alanine, Synephrine and Cocoabuterol
  • Pump and Vasodilation: Derived predominantly from Citrulline Malate and L-Norvaline
  • Nootropic Effect: Derived predominantly from Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Alpha GPC, L-Theanine, Macuna Pruriens Extract and Hordenine
  • Other Ingredients: Pterostilbene commonly used for its anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant effects.

Our Top Selling Faction Labs Disorder Pre Workout Flavours

When it comes to the flavours, well it’s actually a rather tough one. Faction Labs are just one of those Brands that seem to nail all of their flavour profiles. Although there are the more popular flavours, we really can’t fault any of the flavours as they really are that good. That being said however, we have ranked our best selling Faction Labs Disorder Pre Workout flavours so that you can decipher which flavour will be your next go-to.

#10 Blue Pearl – Candy Bomb

For some, the sweeter the better. If this sounds a lot like you then Blue Pearl will certainly make you smile. Blue Pearl can be characteristically described as being rather sweet and almost berry like. Definitely one for the sweet tooth’s out there, Blue Pearl is fun flavour that you will no doubt enjoy.

Get Faction Labs Disorder Blue Pearl – Candy Bomb!

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#9 Orange Firm – Orange Mango

When it comes to flavours that just seem to marry together perfectly, Orange Mango is surely it! Fruity and somewhat tropical, Orange Firm is simply delicious. The mouth-watering blend of orange and mango is so flavoursome and invigorating and easily a flavour choice that you will go back to repeatedly.

Get Faction Labs Disorder Orange Firm – Orange Mango!

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#8 Green Haze – Passionfruit

You wouldn’t guess it but Green Haze flavour is actually passionfruit. Pleasantly tangy and tart with just the perfect hint of sweetness, Green Haze is one for those who shy away from the sweeter flavours. Faction Labs do this flavour very well with it not being too candy like as some passionfruit flavours can be, but rather more a refreshing, clean and simple when it comes to taste.

Get Faction Labs Disorder Green Haze – Passionfruit!

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#7 Yellow Fever – Pine Lime

Just like the Beach Boys song Kokomo, Yellow Fever is about as tropical as it gets. Reminiscent of the Streets Ice Cream – Splice Pine Lime, Yellow Fever is oh-so refreshing and neither too tart or too sweet. Faction Labs have definitely nailed the classic flavour combination of pine-lime with Yellow Fever. One of the more fun flavours that will have your taste buds dancing and the PB’s rolling in.

Get Faction Labs Disorder Yellow Fever – Pine Lime!

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#6 Brown Sugar – Peach Ice Tea

Not an overly common flavour among supplements and pre workouts at that, Peach Ice Tea has been done remarkedly well by Faction Labs. If a little Brown Sugar before your workout sounds pretty sweet to you then you will no doubt love this flavour. Brown Sugar tastes just like the famous Lipton Ice Tea that the majority of us know and love. Easy to drink and just the right amount of peach to give it a point of difference, Brown Sugar is a flavour well worth a try.

Get Faction Labs Disorder Brown Sugar – Peach Ice Tea!

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#5 Purple Reign – Watermelon

Watermelon always tends to be more mellow and subtle when it comes to the fruity flavours. Some can be rather candy like, but not the case with Purple Reign. Very light, fruity and fresh, Purple Reign is very easy to drink especially right before an intense training session. If a less intense flavour is your preference then you really can’t go wrong with Purple Reign.

Get Faction Labs Disorder Purple Reign – Watermelon!

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#4 White Snow – Vanilla Cola

Hands up if you love Vanilla Cola!! The classic take on Coca-Cola has created a name for itself in terms of it’s popularity among Cola lovers worldwide. Faction Labs have been pretty smart here and created White Snow, the vanilla cola flavoured version of Disorder. Not overpowering at all, but rather extremely addictive Cola flavour with a hint of aromatic vanilla. If you love Vanilla Coca-Cola then you will certainly love White Snow. You won’t quite think the same of the classic soda after you have Faction Labs version.

Get Faction Labs Disorder White Snow – Vanilla Cola!

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#3 Black Fire – Grape

You might be somewhat able to associate the name with the flavour, but Black Fire is the all-too-popular grape flour that seems to be a go-to for many flavour junkies. Faction Labs really do do this flavour well. Definitely one of the stronger flavours out of the bunch but it is just as you would expect a really great grape flavour to taste like. If you are a fan of grape flavours then you are sure to love Black Fire. Thoroughly enjoyable and sits well even before you’re about to pull off a pretty solid training session.

Get Faction Labs Disorder Black Fire – Grape!

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#2 Pink Bits – Strawberries and Cream

How does Strawberries and Cream flavour sound to you? Believe it or not, Bink Bits is exactly that. Deliciously smooth and creamy, Pink Bits gives an upgrade to the typical strawberry fruity flavour that you will find in most brands. Although one of the sweeter flavours, Pink Bits is still very easy to drink enjoyable to say the least. Similar to the Allen’s Strawberries and cream iconic lollies with the dollop of strawberry flavoured jelly on top of a creamy base, Pink Bits will easily become your big kid favourite.

Get Faction Labs Disorder Pink Bits – Strawberries and Cream!

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#1 Red Russian – Red Raspberry

You may have guessed it but Red Russian comes in at number one! If you are a fan of the classic mouth-watering Allen’s Red Frogs then Red Russian flavour will no doubt be a favourite. Just as easy to go down as the confectionary itself, Red Russian has a sweet and rich raspberry favour that is incredibly moreish. This is a safe flavour choice for those who are new to Disorder or a long-standing favourite for those who are all too familiar with this particular pre workout.

Get Faction Labs Disorder Red Russian – Red Raspberry!

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Directions Of Use

For best results, mix 1 scoop of Faction Labs Disorder Pre Workout with 300mls of cold water 15-20 minutes before training or any activity that requires focus and concentration.

Depending on your preference you can adjust the amount of water to suit you best. If you prefer a sweeter tasting beverage, you can use less water. If you find the taste a little too strong, you can also dilute the product by adding more water, without altering its effectiveness.


Can I take disorder if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Because of its caffeine content we recommend that pregnant or lactating women do not take this supplement. While the caffeine level in Disorder is moderate it’s always good to err on the side of caution if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Pregnant women or those who have specific medical concerns should always consult with their trusted GP to see if they will allow use under medical or dietetic supervision.

How much caffeine is in Disorder?

One scoop of Faction Labs Disorder Pre Workout contains 250mg of caffeine which is the equivalent to approximately 2 standard cups of coffee. Up to 400mg of caffeine per day is considered safe. Disorder will certainly give you the boost in energy levels you require. For those who decide to double scoop it is best to use only once per day. However, individuals who are sensitive to caffeine should check with their health professional prior to taking the supplement.

Final Thoughts

Faction Labs Disorder is not just another pre workout to hit shelves. It’s a well-rounded pre workout formula that delivers impressive results and pretty mean pumps. With a formula consisting of an exceptional blend of nootropics, performance enhancing ingredients and stimulants.

Ideally Disorder is more suited to the stim junkies, especially if double scooping is your norm, but can also be used by novices at the recommended single scoop or less.

As far as pre workouts go, Disorder is well worth a spot in your supplement stack. With an impressive formula and delicious flavours to choose from you really can’t go wrong with Faction Labs Disorder.

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