Best Bang® Energy Drink Flavours

best bang energy drink flavours

Now there are energy drinks (and plenty of them) and then there is Bang®. With the every growing popularity of energy drinks it is no surprise that Bang® by VPX Sports have chosen to set themselves apart form the rest. With so many Bang Energy Drink flavours which ones are the best?

“Bang® is NOT your prototypical energy drink”. Unlike other brands out there, Bang® don’t drown their products in sugars or artificial colours. Many seem to be laden with copious amounts of caffeine and sugar all in an effort to increase energy, focus and performance. Bang® however seem to be a stark contrast to it’s competitors.

With nutrition in mind, Bang® have created a smooth-tasting energy drink formulated with effective and powerful ingredients to “properly fuel the mind, body and soul”. With optimal performance in mind both physically and mentally, Bang® provides sustained, clean and focused energy to get more out of your workout, your day and your life.

Bang® Energy Drink Review

When Bang® came onto the scene they certainly didn’t go unnoticed. Essentially remastering the typical energy drink, Bang® delivers a potent natural energy boost with cognitive enhancing properties minus the crash.

This carbonated on-the-go beverage contains zero sugars, carbohydrates or calories and is supported by a vitamin rich and delicious tasting formula. Bang® Energy Drinks are packed with effective ingredients to deliver a clean, sustainable boost of energy that helps to delay fatigue, enhance endurance and aid in cognitive function.

While other energy drinks may be laden with heavy amounts of sugar and caffeine, Bang® Energy Drinks contain a moderate 160mg of caffeine per can. This seems to be a perfect amount in order to benefit from the effects of caffeine itself without the heavy crash that can be experienced from other energy drinks.

VPX Sports were also ahead of the game too with the addition of B Vitamins in the formula. B Vitamins work synergistically with the caffeine promote natural energy production and aid in overall wellbeing which is not something that other energy drinks tend to do.

When it comes to it, Bang® really does cover all the bases. This high performing (and delicious tasting might we add) carbonated beverage will not only allow you to up the ante on your training sessions but also aid in general vitality also.

Key Benefits

  • Delicious carbonated alternative to pre workout or coffee.
  • Zero Carbohydrates, Zero Calories and Zero Sugar.
  • The formula delivers a clean jolt of energy minus the crash or jitters.
  • Helps to delay fatigue and enhance endurance.
  • Improved focus and cognitive function.
  • Contains 160mg of caffeine.
  • Promotes sustainable, clean energy.
  • Contains Vitamins B5, B6 and B12.

Bang® Energy Drink Key Ingredients:


Bang® Energy Drinks contain 160mg of caffeine. This is a moderate amount that will enable you to reap the cognitive and energy enhancing properties of the compound, yet not enough to be concerned over getting the jitters or heavy crash that other energy drinks may give you.

Vitamin Complex

The water soluble vitamins in Bang® Energy Drinks aid in enhancing overall wellness. Vitamin C contains powerful antioxidant properties and B Vitamins offer unique benefits such as supporting natural energy production and aiding enzymatic processes within the body.

Each Serving Of Bang® Energy Drink Contains:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Caffeine 160mg
  • Thiamine – B1
  • Niacin – B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • B6 Vitamin
  • Vitamin B12
  • Inositol
  • Other Ingredients

Our Top Selling Bang® Energy Drink Flavours

With a slew of enticing and delicious flavours it is no wonder that Bang® Energy Drinks are one of the top ranked energy drinks on the market. Sitting alongside such rivals as Monster and Red Bull, Bang® Energy Drinks sure have big shoes to fill in order to hold their own in the realm of energy drinks.

So how to the flavours actually stack up? Well very, very well might we add. We’re going to rank the Bang® Energy Drink flavours for you according to taste and popularity so the only choice you will have is which flavour to try first.

#8 Pina Colada

For a holiday in a can, Pina Colada is as enticing as it sounds. Fruity and smooth this delightful combination of pineapple and coconut is refreshing to say the least. The creamy taste of coconut seems to pair perfectly with the sweet, yet slightly sour pineapple to produce a flavour that will have your taste buds smiling. If you are more of a fan of the layered flavours then Pina Colada will be right up your alley.

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#7 Candy Apple Crisp

If you love sweet then you are in for a real treat. What’s not to love about this flavour? Think rich, sweet apple juice mixed with caramel, creamy toffee! We’ve got you there right? Candy Apple Crisp is a perfect flavour combination that is the epitome of delicious. If you feel like drinking your dessert then Candy Apple Crisp is well worth a try.

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#6 Start Blast

Now this is a flavour where the name won’t give it a way whatsoever. A layered flavour delight, Star Blast will have your taste buds trying to figure out just exactly what this flavour really is. A delightful combination of blue raspberry, cherry and lemon, Star Blast is a flavour that is sure to please. Sweet, cherry and a tiny bit tart, Start Blast is one for those who are not too much of a fan of the sweeter flavour profiles.

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#5 Frosé Rosé

If you are a fan of grape, watermelon and mixed berries then Frosé Rosé is for you. Think of it as a fruit punch of sorts (minus the alcohol of course) but with a clean jolt of energy. This enticing flavour is a perfect balance of all three fruits and is both refreshing and to a degree, more subtle than some of the other flavours. If you are looking for something fruity, yet mellow, Frosé Rosé is a flavour that you will be sure to enjoy.

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#4 Miami Cola

The Miami Cola flavour is as cool as they come. If a cola flavour doesn’t quite hit the mark it can be a tad underwhelming. Not the case with Miami Cola however. Think of this as drinking the infamous Coca Cola but with much more caffeine. Sweet, fresh and very moreish, Miami Cola is a flavour that you will go back too time and time again.

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#3 Cotton Candy

Oh now this flavour is a real treat. Think of it as the liquified version of a really good cotton candy that’s caffeinated. Yep! The adult version of what you used to have as a kid. Ha! No word of a lie here as this flavour you will enjoy from start to finish. Sweet, moreish and super addictive, Cotton Candy is well worth a spot on your list to try.

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#2 Sour Heads

This one for all of the sour connoisseurs out there. This is VPX Sports tribute to the iconic Sour Patch Kids candies. Think tart, sour green apple with a sweet candy aftertaste. Full of flavour and pleasantly sour, Sour Heads is a welcome change from some of the more sweeter flavours.

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#1 Rainbow Unicorn

Coming in at top spot is Rainbow Unicorn. If the name doesn’t have you intrigued then the flavour certainly will. Rainbow Unicorn is a fresh (and clever) combination of watermelon and bubble gum. Not one to be like the rest, VPX Sports did decide to think outside with this flavour and it has served them well. A quirky combination maybe and one for those who like some sweetness in their life, but the flavour combination seems to work well and can easily become a favourite.

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Directions Of Use

Serving Size 1 can (500ml).

One Serving of Bang® Energy Drink provides 160mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent to approximately two cups of coffee.

As this product contains caffeine is best to consume no more than the recommended dosage which is one can in a day.


Can Bang® Energy Drinks help to improve my energy and focus?

Absolutely they can! Bang® Energy Drinks are carbonated beverages that have been designed with health and nutrition in mind. Bang® Energy Drinks contain zero carbs and sugar and are enriched with vitamins and effective ingredients to support both physical and mental energy.

Whether you are getting ready for an intense training session, preparing for your day or about to embark on a physically demanding activity, Bang® Energy Drink can help to achieve optimal performance both physically and mentally. Bang® Energy Drinks provide a sustained, focused jolt of energy without the crash and in delicious flavours.

How much caffeine is in a can of Bang® Energy Drink?

One 500ml can of Bang® Energy Drink contains 300mg of caffeine which is the equivalent to approximately 3 cups of coffee.

Healthy adults can consume up to 400mg of caffeine and this amount is considered safe. Due to the caffeine content in Bang® Energy Drinks is is best to stick to the recommended dosage of no more than one can in a day.

Can I consume Bang® Energy Drinks if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

As Bang® Energy Drinks contain caffeine is is best to avoid consuming if you are pregnant or breast feeding. It is always recommended to consult with your trusted physician before considering consuming this product.

How do Bang® Energy Drinks differ from other energy drinks?

Unlike other energy drinks, Bang® contains zero sugar, zero calories and artificial colours. Bang® contains powerful ingredients together with added vitamins to create a comprehensive formula that helps to support energy, strength and endurance.

Do Bang® Energy Drinks have any side effects?

In general, Bang® Energy Drinks should produce very little, (if any) side effects for most healthy individuals when consumed in moderation.

If any potential side effects do occur it is most likely associated with misuse of the product. Bang® Energy Drinks contain 160mg of caffeine per serve. Excessive caffeine consumption can cause negative side effects such as dizziness, increased heart rate and sleep disturbances. As always it is best to adhere to the recommended dosage and be aware of your daily consumption of Bang®.

Are Bang® Energy Drinks dangerous?

Bang® Energy Drinks are not particularly bad for you when consumed in moderation. The recommended dosage of one can per day is safe for most healthy adults.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, are sensitive to caffeine, or are pregnant or breast feeding it might be unsafe to drink Bang Energy Drink.

Do Bang® Energy Drinks taste good?

The short answer to this question is absolutely they do!

Bang® pride themselves on producing smooth and delicious tasting energy drinks in a wide range of fun and clever flavours. And despite the fact that contain no artificial flavours and zero sugar or calories they still manage to taste incredibly delicious.

The Take Home

If you want more Bang® for buck (pun intended) then Bang® Energy Drinks are definitely worthy of a try. With the ever growing variety of energy drinks on the market today it can be rather difficult to find a drink that is more than just your stereotypical energy beverage.

Bang® is a perfect go-to energy based beverage that contains zero sugar, zero calories and zero unwanted ingredients. Bang® is packed full of ingredients enhance energy and cognitive function, delay fatigue and aid endurance. Not only that the added vitamins support natural energy production and their delicious taste sets Bang® Energy Drinks well apart from it’s competitors.

Whether you are looking for an alternative to your pre workout or coffee, or simply looking for a fun and delicious beverage to be your daily energy-boosting saviour, Bang® Energy Drinks by VPX Sports is your answer to take your training (and life) to the next level.

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