What Does Tyrosine Do In Pre Workout?

Medically reviewed by Dr Dimitar Marinov
What Does Tyrosine Do In Pre Workout?

You’ve likely seen tyrosine features among the ingredients on pre workout. But what is it exactly, and what can it bring to your workouts?

Today, we’re going to explore all there is to know about tyrosine in pre workout supplements. We’ll look at the benefits, side effects, recommended dosage, and explain in simple terms why you should think about choosing a pre workout supplement that includes tyrosine.

What Is Tyrosine?


Tyrosine (often referred to as L tyrosine) is a naturally occurring amino acid and is produced by another amino acid called phenylalanine. Its purpose in the body is to aid in the production of many different substances and processes, including adrenaline and dopamine synthesis, melanin production, and thyroid hormones.

What Are The Benefits Of Tyrosine In Pre Workout Supplements?

Benefits Of Tyrosine In Pre Workout Supplements

There are multiple benefits of L tyrosine in pre workout supplements, including enhanced physical and mental performance. Here’s some more information on the biggest benefits of l tyrosine:

Increased Endurance Capacity

When you mix caffeine with L tyrosine, both adrenaline and stimulating catecholamines combine, and this not only increases your energy levels but means that you’re able to keep performing at your best for a longer period of time. Perfect for those looking to push themselves to the next level.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance

The caffeine contained in a pre workout supplement blocks the brain’s adenosine receptors in order to stay alert and focused. L tyrosine provides a steady flow of dopamine. When you mix the two together, you have greater cognitive performance, including improved focus, memory recall, and mental agility. In turn, you’re able to push yourself further mentally as you train.

Improved Metabolism

As a component of thyroid hormones T3 and T4, L tyrosine may be able to improve energy production and regulate your metabolism better. This helps keep you going for longer and is also a great tool for people looking to cut body weight while maintaining muscle.

Improved Mood & Better Stress Management

The combination of caffeine and dopamine can boost your mood quite significantly, which, in turn, leads to an improved sense of well-being and a reduction in stress levels. This also helps you keep showing up for each workout and gives you that “can-do” attitude needed to reach your goals.

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Tyrosine?

Recommended Dosage Of Tyrosine

The recommended dosage of L tyrosine is between 500-2000mg per day. However, this depends on your tolerance and requirements, and it’s always best to consult a medical professional or registered dietician before you start incorporating it into your supplementation regime.

It’s also a good idea to start at the lower end of the dosage scale, adjusting as needed and listening to your body.

How Should You Take Tyrosine?

It is best to take L tyrosine with food as this means the body is able to absorb it better and help it get to work faster. Ensure you’re taking the correct dose for your needs and, if supplementing on top of pre workout, ensure you balance the total intake to avoid overdosing.

When Should You Take Tyrosine?

There isn’t any specific time of day that is best to take L tyrosine. However, if it is contained within your pre workout supplement, it would be best to take it between 60-30 minutes before you start training.

Where Can I Buy Pre Workout Supplements With Tyrosine In?

Pre workouts containing L tyrosine can be purchased in many places, but it’s always best to purchase from a reputable source. One of the best places to find it is Power Supps, where you’ll also find a variety of other pre workout supplements to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Tyrosine Supplementation?

Potential Side Effects Of Tyrosine Supplementation

There are very few instances of L tyrosine having any adverse side effects when taken in the appropriate dosage. However, it may interfere with certain medications, so it is very important that you check with a medical professional before you start taking it if you are currently on medication for any reason.

Final Thoughts On Tyrosine In Pre Workout Supplements

L tyrosine is one of the safest ingredients contained in pre workouts, and it is also one of the best. Not only does it help to boost mental and physical performance during a workout, but it also has benefits that you can feel through your daily life, including better brain function and stress management. Get the dosage right for your needs and tolerance, and you’ll soon feel the full force of L tyrosine in your system!

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