Gold Standard Whey Protein Review

Gold Standard Whey Protein Review

Chances are that you are reading this guide as you have either heard of ON Gold Standard 100% Whey or have been considering giving it a try. There are some pretty good reasons why you may have heard of ON Gold Standard 100% Whey. ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is the best-known and most widely consumed protein powder supplement today. It’s considered Australia’s top selling, high-quality protein and is incredibly popular amongst gym-goers, bodybuilders and athletes alike. Have a read as we review Gold Standard Whey Protein.

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Ingredients

Firstly let’s look into the ingredients of ON Gold Standard 100% Whey. This incredibly popular protein has surprisingly a very short ingredients list. The formula is of such high quality that it is no surprise that it is the most widely used and popular whey protein powder supplement on the shelves today.

Each scoop of ON Gold Standard 100% Whey is an amino-rich bend of whey isolates, whey concentrates and whey peptides. It yields 24 grams of protein and is rich in branched-chain amino acids making it perfect for training and recovery. The inclusion of Glutamine and Glutamic acid also aid in fast-tracking your body into an immediate state of recovery post workout.

Whey protein isolates are the purest of all and are of the highest quality. It is no surprise that the first ingredient in ON Gold Standard 100% Whey is whey protein isolate. The next being ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate creating a protein that has an overall quality that is classed as being superior to similar products in other brands.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredient profile and as to the specific ingredients listed on the label for one of the most popular flavours, Vanilla Ice Cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream Flavour Ingredients –

  • Protein Blend – Whey Protein Isolates, Whey Protein Concentrates and Whey Peptides
  • Lecithin
  • Natural and artificial flavours
  • Acesulfame potassium
  • Sucralose
  • Lactase

Both Aminogen and Lactase have been added to the formula. Both aid in digestibility, with Aminogen assisting to digest the protein and reduce any gas and lactase ensuring that lactose is digested easily.

The Acesulfame Potassium is used as a sweetener and is classed as being about 200 times sweeter than sugar. This gives the product the perfect level of sweetness with no overpowering aftertaste.

ON Gold Standard Whey Ingredient Key Facts-

  • 100% Whey Protein blend – 24 grams of protein
  • Primarily sources from isolates
  • Rich in branched-chain amino acids – 5.5 grams
  • Contains Glutamine and Glutamic acid – 4 grams

ON Gold Standard Whey Nutrition Facts

As far as a protein powder supplement goes nutrition wise – ON Gold Standard Whey is right on the money, being incredibly macro friendly yet also delivering –

  • 24 grams of protein
  • 3 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1 gram of sugar
  • 1 gram of fat

Supplement Taste and Mixability

To say ON Gold Standard 100% Whey tastes amazing is an understatement. With over twenty flavours there is a flavour that will suit even the most harshest of taste critics.

Optimum Nutrition have also paid attention to the mixability of the product. This superior quality powder has been instantized to mix easily using a shaker cup or just a glass and spoon. No blender or arm-pump level of mixing required here. The added ingredient of lecithin has also been used to ensure that the product mixes well in both milk or water.

The versatility and great taste of ON Gold Standard 100% Whey  makes it a perfect go-to supplement any time of the day especially for those wanting to increase their protein intake.

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Flavours

ON 100% Gold Standard Whey definitely doesn’t disappoint with taste. With flavours such as Caramel Toffee Fudge, Chocolate Mint, Double Rich Chocolate, Extreme Milk Chocolate, Mocha Cappuccino, Rocky Road, Strawberries and Cream, Banana Cream, Strawberry Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream, there is no shortage of flavours to suit whatever your taste buds might fancy.

This product can be mixed with either milk or water depending on your goals and preferences. Even when mixed with water, the shake is surprisingly creamy and easy to drink and easily satisfies your sweet tooth.

If you are looking at increasing your muscle mass however, you may wish to mix with milk for a much creamier shake with added calories.

Power Supps Team favourites and top selling flavours –

  • Extreme Milk Chocolate
  • Double Rich Chocolate
  • Delicious Strawberry
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Chocolate Malt

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Benefits and Effectiveness

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey is a blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and protein peptides. Having all three types of whey protein ensures that the formula is extremely comprehensive with a rich amino acid profile. This that has benefits that especially favours performance and recovery.

The protein blend is actually an incredibly intelligent move from Optimum Nutrition as it then becomes a protein that his extremely well rounded and versatile for all individuals at all stages of their health and fitness journey.

How and when to use ON Gold Standard 100% Whey

Protein supplement wise, ON Gold Standard 100% Whey is incredibly versatile and fitting for any individual. When it comes to the use of protein powder supplements, the two most common goals are to either assist with weight loss or to increase weight gain or muscle mass.

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey for weight loss

Protein is an important nutrient for weight loss. Adequate protein will aid in an increased metabolism, building lean muscle mass and suppression of appetite and regulation of hunger.

At only 120 calories per serve ON Gold Standard 100% Whey packs 24 grams of high-quality protein per serve. The taste and consistency is perfect which makes it enjoyable to drink.

Protein has been shown to decease hunger and suppress the appetite through it’s effect on the body’s hunger hormones. As protein is high in satiety a mere shake can be added during the day to suppress the appetite. The leads to an overall decrease in calories consumed throughout the day.

Including sufficient protein intake and strength training while eating at a calorie deficit can help prevent this muscle loss. Protein may temporarily increase metabolism due to the energy required to digest and metabolise it. When combined with resistance training, adding more protein can also help you build muscle. This will essentially help you to achieve your desired body composition.

Key benefits for weight loss –

  • Low in calories
  • Low in sugar, fats and carbohydrates
  • High satiety
  • Protein aids in appetite suppression
  • Aids in building lean muscle mass and body recomposition
  • Can be used to ensure adequate protein intake especially when dieting

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey protein for weight gain

If your goal is to increase lean muscle mass then ON Gold Standard 100% Whey is definitely an advantageous addition. This product provides the perfect balance of essential and non-essential amino acids. The inclusion of a notable amount of branched chain amino acids means that there is improved nitrogen retention. This will really benefit with muscle growth. For those who want to add some size – choosing ON Gold Standard 100% Whey is a sure fire way to do just that.

Key benefits for weight gain –

  • Loaded with high-quality whey protein
  • High percentage of pure protein
  • Rapid acting hydro whey peptides
  • Over 5 grams of branched chain amino acids present
  • Glutamine for repair and recovery

Can women take ON Gold Standard 100% Whey?

Absolutely! At only 120 calories per serve when mixed with water, the product will please even the most calorie conscious individual. The product tastes great and can be used as a post training recovery shake or can also be used throughout the day for additional protein if intake is at times slightly low.

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey is perfect during a dieting phase to both aid in hindering any hunger cravings and for suppressing the appetite without compromising on taste.

Disadvantages and side effects

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey is a dairy-based protein powder, so for some this can cause a few digestive issues. For those who may be lactose intolerant there could be dome digestive issues such as bloating, digestive discomfort and nausea. Optimum Nutrition have been intelligent here though and have added Aminogen and lactase to the formula to aid in the digestibility of the product.

However, this is in no way unique or speci to Optimum Nutrition, as any whey powder can potentially have uncomfortable side-effects for those who do not tolerate lactose very well.

How does it compare to other proteins?

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey is by far one of the best protein supplements on the market today. Other whey proteins can tend to be inferior in quality, less pure and have many added ingredients that provide little to no benefits.

After training your body requires protein to build and repair muscle fibres. Optimum Nutrition have been thoughtful here and have created a protein supplement that supports muscle growth and aids in repair and recovery. The added essential amino acids and glutamine means that the recovery process is given a considerable kickstart immediately post workout.

Overall Review

Brand wise, Optimum Nutrition has an outstanding reputation for creating high-quality supplements that are extremely popular among many individuals. With whey protein being the most popular supplement on the market to day it is a huge compliment for ON 100% Gold Standard Whey to be considered the best of the best.

Our ON 100% Gold Standard Whey protein review has highlighted many of the unique properties that the product has and that it continues to prove to be a top seller even among the vast array of protein supplement that are on the market today.

ON 100% Gold Standard Whey has an ingredient profile that supports both weight loss and muscle gain and is suited to a wide variety of individuals and at all levels of fitness and wellness goals. Supplementary to this the product is highly beneficial post training to provide your body with the appropriate nutrients needed to support muscle tissue.

At only 120 calories per serve combined with 5.5g of natural occurring branched chain amino acids, and 4 grams of glutamine, gym-goers, bodybuilders, athletes and sporting professionals don’t hesitate to reach for a tub of ON 100% Gold Standard Whey to cater to the high protein demands of their training regimen and daily life.

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