When do I take Creatine?

When it comes to most frequently asked questions this one would rank in the top 3. There is so much information on the world wide web it is extremely hard to know what is real and fake. Lets get straight to it so for everyone who wants the quick answer you can leave after I tell you. Well the answer is… ANYTIME! If you have having the standard 5g of creatine per day you are giving yourself the best change to get results from taking it.

What is creatine?

It is a combination of three different amino acids: glycine, arginine, and methionine. Creatine is also produced by the body and found in certain high-protein foods such as fish and red meat. It is also not a stimulant and completely natural.

What does it do?

Supplementing with creatine can help you produce more ATP so you can increase your workout intensity, which is especially beneficial for athletic activities involving short, fast, explosive movements.

Another benefit is that creatine itself is a fuel source. In fact, your body’s first choice of energy when performing anaerobic activity (such as lifting weights) is your creatine phosphate stores. By supplementing with creatine phosphate you will increase these stores, thus giving you more energy for your workouts.

There is another anabolic property that it holds and this is its ability to hydrate muscle cells. When muscle cells are hydrated a few things happen, the most notable being an increase in protein synthesis. Plus, when your muscles hold more water, they look bigger and more pumped up.

When is the BEST time to take it?

OK so if you have read this far I am going to reward you with a little inside info. The absolute best time to take it is post workout with a carbohydrate source. Essentially the carbohydrate will help shuttle the creatine into the muscle more efficiently and effectively! There you have it, the Power Supps secret has been revealed! Add 5 grams with your post workout shake and add some carbohydrates in there as well.

Can Females take Creatine?

Of course they can! Put all that gym work to good measure and build lean muscle faster through supplementing with creatine! It will not make you big and bulky so please don’t shy away from it thinking it is only for males.


1.If you are already consuming a weight gainer shake you are covered as there is added carbohydrates in there already.

2.If you are using a lean whey either add a separate carb powder in (Gen-Tec Pure Carbs or International Protein extreme carbs) for enhanced effectiveness.

3.If you don’t like protein post workout consume an essential amino acid (EAA) and add the carbohydrate power and creatine for a super-fast digesting blend (personal favourite).

4.Non-Training Days keep taking your Creatine! Add it to a protein shake or just dry scoop it straight into the mouth with a chaser haha!

If you have any questions feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to sort it out!

Happy Muscle Building!