Best Xtend BCAA Flavours

best xtend BCAA Flavours

If you are after the OG of all branched chain amino acids then Xtend would have to be it. Despite the number of products on the market today, Scivation Xtend BCAA still would have to be the most popular in it’s class. With a seemingly simple formula, this product has stood the test of time among all the ‘newbies’ to still sit very proud on shelves worldwide. The hardest part with Xtend BCAA is knowing which are the best flavours!

As simple as the product may be, it is a formula that regardless of the type of activity, has proven to be advantageous for athletic performance, recovery, muscle growth, assisting with fat loss. Now Scivation have not only delivered a supplement that is unrivalled in regards to it’s results, they have delivered seemingly the same in the taste department too. With an array of flavour profiles that back up the integrity of the formula, Xtend BCAA have seemingly held their own as a product that delivers in more ways than one.

Xtend BCAA Review

So what makes Scivation Xtend BCAAs the most top selling amino acids we hear you ask? Well let’s take a little dive into this advanced BCAA drink mix itself before we take you on a ride that will have your taste buds dancing!

Ratio wise, Xtend BCAA is exactly what you would expect of a superior BCAA product. It has the scientifically proven 2:1:1 ratio of L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-Valine. With seven grams of BCAA per serve, the formula yields 3500mg of L-leucine and 1750mg each of L-isoleucine and L-valine.

Scivation have also rounded out their blend to also include the amino acid l glutamine, citrulline malate together with hydrating electrolytes. They have chosen to use high quality ingredients at scientifically proven dosages to create a highly effective formula, hence the additions to just the BCAAs themselves.

The formulation contains 2500mg of l glutamine to support muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness. To enhance blood flow, 1000mg of citrulline malate has also made it’s way into the blend. Citrulline not only improves the blood flow but also aids in transporting the amino acids to the working muscles for faster recovery.

Last but not least the electrolyte blend aids in quenching the thirst, improving overall performance and ensuring that you stay hydrated. This has proven to be incredibly important especially on intense training days when this may.

Key Benefits

  • 7g of BCAAs per serving.
  • Zero carbohydrates or Calories.
  • Sugar free.
  • Electrolyte blend for proper hydration.
  • Enhances muscle repair and recovery.
  • Supports muscle protein synthesis.
  • Aids in fat burning.
  • No artificial flavours.
  • 1o delicious flavours to choose from.

Our Top Selling Xtend BCAA Flavours

Now to the fun part for all of our fellow flavour fiends. If you are curious as to which flavour to choose or which to try next then we hope that you will find this review helpful to make your decision just that little bit easier.

#10 Italian Blood Orange

If you are more partial to the tart flavours over sweet then this one is for you. Italian Blood Orange is a refreshing blend boasting a strong orange flavour that after intense training or a hot day will leave your thirst quenched and taste buds truly satisfied.

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#9 Knockout Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch generally always seems to be a great go-to flavour if you are unsure of which to choose first. Almost like a safe option you could say. Scivation have created a well-rounded fruit punch flavour that is neither too much or too little of any particular fruit. Many American fruit punch flavours appear to be heavy handed on the cherry side of things. This flavour is void of the traditional American cherry to deliver a fruit punch that is very easy to drink.

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#8 Lemon Lime Squeeze

This is the least sweet of all of the flavours and definitely on the tart side. If the good old pub squash is your favourite soft drink of choice then Lemon Lime Squeeze will be a sure hit. Particularly when you are after a quick fix for quenching your thirst, something overly sweet may not be an ideal choice. This flavour is refreshing and a nice choice for those who are not a fan of the sweeter flavour profiles.

Get Scivation Xtend BCAA Lemon Lime Squeeze!

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#7 Smash Apple

If you could put a crisp green apple into a BCAA powder then this would be it. Green apple always appears to have just the perfect balance of tart and sweet to produce a flavour that you wont mind drinking over and over again. The flavour is fresh and bold and a well balanced flavour for those who are still on the fence with sweet or tart.

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#6 Watermelon Explosion

This would have to be the most refreshing flavour that will have you buying repeatedly. Definitely a smooth flavour that is not too lolly-like as some other watermelon supplements can tend to be. This is not an overpowering flavour at all. Watermelon is such an iconic fruit indicative of summer. Scivation have done well to capture the fresh and fruity flavour of watermelon rather than something that is more relatable to a lolly.

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#5 Mango Madness

There is just something very unique about mango that almost can’t be compared to any other fruit. It is all things sweet without being overly sweet. It almost has the taste of summer and is almost something that you reserve as a treat. Mango Madness is true to the taste of what you know as a ripe juicy mango and is will certainly be the go-to beverage you reach for after an intense training session.

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#4 Tropic Thunder

Who says that the taste of summer only has to be reserved for summer. If sipping on the tropical and juicy taste of ripe pineapple is your idea of recovery after an intense workout then Tropic Thunder will be a very nice flavour choice for you. This flavour never seems to get old and is a perfect blend of slightly tart and sweet to give a smooth flavour that is refreshing, light and fun.

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#3 Strawberry Kiwi Splash

Strawberry flavour on it’s own can tent to be overly sweet and something that can be too sickly to have every day. Strawberry Kiwi Splash is a rather perfect flavour combination. The sweet strawberry undertones with a hint of tart kiwi gives the flavour a truly invigorating effect and very welcomed after an intense training session.

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#2 Blue Raspberry Ice

When it comes to the classic Blue Raspberry, well it seems to truly be a crowd favourite. Although this flavour seems to be a little difficult to describe it is an all-too familiar taste from childhood days. Blended with cold water and ice, this flavour will have you reminiscing of hot summer days slurping on blue slushies that had your tongue and lips displaying that vibrant blue colouring.

Get Scivation Xtend BCAA Blue Raspberry Ice!

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#1 Glacial Grape

We have saved the very best for last, with Glacial Grape ranking number one in out of all ten flavours. Grape can be a flavour that some are not too fond of, and for others, can be a clear favourite. Most of us were either a strawberry or grape fan when it came to Hubba Bubba Bubble-gum. Well if grape was your choice then Glacial Grape Xtend will not disappoint. Americans tend to be strong with their flavour profiles, so this is one of the sweeter flavours but seemingly it’s popularity here has not wavered regardless of it’s sweetness.

Get Scivation Xtend BCAA Glacial Grape!

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How To Mix Up Your Xtend BCAA

Scivation Xtend is a very versatile amino acid formulation and can be taken before, after or intra workout. On non-training days Xtend can also be consumed to help you to stay hydrated and as a recovery formula.

Mix each level scoop in 250-500ml of water and adjust for taste your preference and then shake well. For optimal results it is best to consume 2 level scoops per day.

Final Thoughts

When compared to other amino acids, Scivation Xtend would have to be by far the top selling intra workout recovery formula around. It’s held it’s own over the years with a simple formula that is still so incredibly effective and results orientated and has millions worldwide hooked.

When it comes to the flavour choice, well it appears that Scivation have pretty much every taste preference covered. Undeniably this is an exceptional BCAA formulation with equally exceptional flavours and mixability that is an advantageous addition to any supplement stack.

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