Best GFuel Flavours

Best GFuel Flavours

If you’re into gaming then there is now doubt that you have heard of G Fuel. Gamers around the world have used this energy blend to up the ante on their late night gaming. In 2012 Gamma Labs had a vision to “to create the healthiest, most effective Energy Formula for gamers”. Fast forward to now with so many flavours available, we need to discuss the Best GFuel Flavours!

G Fuel is now somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon, fuelling people of all walks of life. Whether you’re a casual gamer, working professional or high level athlete, G Fuel is a performance and energy product that will give you the undeniable edge.

G Fuel Review

Now if you think G Fuel is just like other energy drinks then you are definitely mistaken. Gamma Labs have created a 100% natural and clean energy drink formula without all of the sugar and unnecessary ingredients that is often associated with energy drinks.

The main aim of G Fuel is energy, focus and hydration. With that in mind Gamma Labs have created a killer formulation contains both an energy and focus complex. The Energy Complex contains such ingredients as Taurine, L-Citrulline Malate, Caffeine, N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI and Velvet Bean Extract to deliver a clean and long lasting boost of energy minus a crash.

To enhance focus and concentration the formulation includes L-Tyrosine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, ATP, Toothed Clubmoss Extract and Bacopa Leaf Extract. These ingredients help to improve performance and concentration together with helping to reduce stress.

What makes G Fuel energy powder more of a stand out is that it is antioxidant and vitamin-fortified, together with delivering enhanced focus and unrivalled energy. With only 25 calories per serve and absolutely zero, G Fuel is more than just an your average energy drink.

Key Benefits

  • Part of what makes G Fuel powder flavors so clean is that it contains ZERO sugar. Many other popular energy drinks are laden with sugar and a myriad of chemicals. G Fuel’s Label doesn’t hide a thing. Only a clean energy formulation with unbeatable taste.
  • Another point of difference of G Fuel is that it is amino-fortified. What other energy drink gives you focused-based amino acids? Gamma Labs have trumped other formulations here to provide next level focus without the use of unwanted chemicals.
  • Together with amino acids, G Fuel contains a Focus Complex consisting of L-tyrosine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine and Choline Bitartrate to enhance mental focus and alertness.
  • G Fuel’s Energy Complex contains a synergistic blend of ingredients that work together to give a clean energy boost without the unwanted jitters or crash that you can often experience from other stimulant based products. Ingredients such as Taurine, Caffeine and L-Citrulline Malate work perfectly to provide energy boost at any time of the day.
  • Fortified with antioxidants and and vitamins to promote healthy cell production and enhance wellbeing.

Our Top Selling G Fuel Flavours

If you’re already familiar with G Fuel you will know that Gamma Labs have their family of original fuel flavors that have never lost their popularity. But with new flavour releases, limited edition runs and the quirky names, it’s undoubtedly not an easy task to decipher which flavour to try.

Taking a scroll through the mass of fuel flavors will no doubt bring a smile to your face, especially if you are a bit of a gamer or movie buff yourself. Gamma Labs have certainly mad a name for themselves, not only with the clean and impressive formula, but also too with the G Fuel artwork skins and fun collaborations.

We’re going to make the decision process a little easier for you though and narrow down our top 10 best G Fuel flavors that are absolutely worth a try. Trust us, you’re definitely in for a pretty fun read with so many flavors.

Check out the full list of flavours we have available here. With 30+ to choose from the list is never ending!

#10 Battle Juice

When Gamma Labs discontinued their classic Pineapple flavour, plenty of fans got pretty mad about it. So they decided to rectify that little blunder and brought back the all time fave but with a FaZe Clan and Battle Royale-inspired twist. Now it’s here to stay – just in a more fancy skin.

You really can’t go wrong with this best G fuel flavor. It’s an OG for a reason. It’s everything that you know a juicy pineapple to be, sweet, a tiny bit sweet candy taste and a whole lot refreshing. Certainly one you will go back to time and time again in the best G Fuel flavors.

Get G Fuel Battle Juice!

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#9 Bahama Mama

If you thought that Faze Rug was popular then think again. The name behind this flavour is about twice as popular as him. Bahama Mama G Fuel is inspired by vlogger and online personality Roman Atwood. Not sure who he is – well just think mega famous. Now think of the fuel flavor. All things tropical that is so refreshing you will think you are on a tropical island.

Pineapple, orange and coconut gives this fuel flavor it’s punch (pardon the pun). All things tropical combined to perfection and topped off with a decent energy hit and a mountain of goodness. What more could you ask for in an energy drink? This flavour is definitely one to try.

Get G Fuel Bahama Mama!

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#8 Blue Ice

Blue Ice is one of the OG best G fuel flavors that has only become more popular over time. Not dissimilar at all taste wise to the Blue Slushies that you would get as a kid. The first mouthful of Blue Ice will take you straight back to your childhood days. The only difference with this flavour is that the pretty neat energy and focus hit blows those drinks straight out of the park.

Blitz up Blue Ice with a whole bunch of ice and you will have a supercharged and need we say delicious slushie that will have you ready for anything.

Get G Fuel Blue Ice!

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#7 Hype Sauce

Take a look at the artwork it will give you a hint at what this flavour is all about. For a flavour that “gets people going” Hype Sauce has a very fitting name. The sweet taste of Raspberry lemonade combination is what is this fuel flavors claim to fame.

Basically this is a flavour that will have your mouth dancing and is all that you will need to “hype up” your day. Think pink lemonade. Sweet, yet with the tang of a classic lemonade, Hype Sauce will have your taste buds debating over whether this should sit in the sweet or tart flavour profiles. Sweet with some zing, Hype Sauce Raspberry Lemonade is definitely a best G Fuel flavor to be excited about.

Get G Fuel Hype Sauce!

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# 6 Ragin Gummy Fish

FaZe Jev is very well known for his “raging, ranting and realness”. Well Ragin Gummy Fish matches his personality to a tee. Inspired by his love of Gummy Fish, the raspberry and wild cherry gummies that he downs like they are going out of fashion.

Ragin Gummy Fish is bang on flavour wise – bold and not for the faint hearted. Americans seem to love their cherry and this is no exception. If you are wanting something a little different and somewhat mixed between our classic red frog with a wild cherry hit then you’ve met your flavour match.

Get G Fuel Ragin Gummy Fish!

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#5 PewDiePie

If there ever was a regal flavour among the G Fuel bunch then this would be it. Classed as “a divine elixir suitable for only the most EPIC of gamers” this flavour will have you feeling on top of the world. Inspired by the lingonberry, PewDiePie is all class with just the right amount of sweet and tart.

Similar to the cranberry, PewDiePie is pretty bang on when it comes to fuel flavors. Gamma Labs do their flavour well, but this one they have well and truly outdone themselves. Easy to drink and oh-so-moreish, PewDiePie will catch you with it’s flavour just as much as the name does.

Get G Fuel PewDiePie!

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#4 Fazeberry

For the flavour bomb that your mouth has been waiting for – this is surely it. G Fuel Fazeberry Flavor is Faze Clans signature flavour. And considering this is the trademark flavour of the world’s most popular and professional Esports organisation, then you know that it has to be pretty freaking good!

Pomegranate, strawberries and blueberries are the three fruits that make up this best G Fuel flavor profiles. This bunch has been combined to create a flavour that is pretty bang on between sweet and tart. Once again a top flavour choice if you find the sweeter flavours to not quite be your jam.

Get G Fuel Fazeberry!

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#3 Tropical Rain

Bahama Mama G Fuel might be tropical, but Tropical Rain flavor is next level! With a medley of pineapple, raspberry, kiwi and blueberry this flavour is basically delicious tropical flavors that is so refreshing and mouth-watering that you will be hard pressed to stop at just one serve.

Tropical Rain will have you so refreshed with the sweet fruit punch taste. For the fruit lovers out there, this is one that should be on your radar as a must try. Trust us when we say that you won’t be disappointed.

Get G Fuel Tropical Rain!

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#2 Sour Blue Chug Rug

The name might seem a bit deceiving as the flavour itself is not a sour taste like you might think. This flavour is about as popular as the YouTube sensation himself, Faze Rug who inspired Sour Blue Chug Rug. With over 20 million subscribers you would think that he would inspire a flavour and do it well.

Blue Raspberry tropical flavors are a pretty popular choice for most. In the case of Sour Blue Chug Rug, think of the classic old school blue raspberry flavor with a hint of subtle sour just to give the sweetness a hint of tang. If you’re not too much of a fan of all things sweet then this flavour is definitely not one to shy away from.

Get G Fuel Sour Blue Chug Rug!

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#1 Crash Bandicoot – Wumpa Fruit

Coming in at number one in best G Fuel flavors is Crash Bandicoot – Wumpa Fruit. You couldn’t pick it from the name but Wumpa Fruit is sweet apple mixed with the tropical and sweet mix flavour of mango. This Crash Bandicoot celebratory inspired G Fuel is definitely one of the more popular flavours. Mario has coins, Sonic has rings and Crash’s has his collectible Wumpa Fruit. The abundant snack that look like an apple but taste somewhat more than just an apple. If Crash eats Wumpa Fruit then they must be pretty awesome right?

This flavour is incredibly smooth which goes with the overall nature of G Fuel itself. Delicious and very moreish, Wumpa Fruit energy drink goes down very easy and is certainly one for the sweet tooth’s out there.

Get G Fuel Crash Bandicoot – Wumpa Fruit!

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With the above list we have to mention that this does always change! As G Fuel release so many flavours, we can only list what is our top 10 when writing this article. Noteable mentions include strawberry shortcake flavor , rainbow sherbet, Star Fruit just to name a few. We will release more BLOGS to stay on top of all the new flavours G Fuel release!

If you are struggling to pick just 1 flavour from our list, we do have twin packs, triple packs and quad packs available to make it easier. Mix and match flavour choices so you can alternative flavours daily!

How to mix up your G Fuel

Take 1 scoop of G Fuel Energy Powders 15-20 minutes prior to training or needing more focus and concentration. As this product contains a lower amount of caffeine you can use this product any time of the day without having any negative side effects. Enjoy the sweet flavor mix coming from fruit and natural sources!

How much caffeine is in G Fuel?

There is 150mg of caffeine per serve in G Fuel energy formulas.

Our Final Verdict

If you are looking for more than just an energy drink then look no further than G Fuel by Gamma Labs. G Fuel is a stand out energy drink that does exactly what it is designed to do – boost energy, improve mental focus and hydration. If you are looking for an alternative to coffee that has health benefits and zero sugar with unbeatable flavours then G Fuel is the perfect energy formula. We hope you have enjoyed our Best G Fuel flavors breakdown.

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