Best Flavour of Oxyshred

Best flavour of oxyshred

EHPLabs Overview

When Oxyshred took the market by storm, it was only a short amount of time before it climbed the ladder to be one of the top weight loss products on the market. It seemed to grow an almost cult like following due to their heavy social media presence. Not a lot of brands used Instagram the way EHPLabs did and with this grew the popularity of the brand world wide. Within a short time not only did it become popular but it continued to build which was something a lot of brands were unable to do. Time to look at Oxyshred, the flavour available and which is the best!

Why is oxyshred so good?

Oxyshred’s dominance in the industry can be broken down into a few important aspects. It has a clean formula with a host of thermogenic ingredients that will aid in the hyper lipolysis of fat. This essentially means that stored body fat can be used as fuel or energy. Adding to the great formula is nootropic ingredients that will give you a great boost in mood and focus. Rounding out the product is a very popular amount of caffeine that will be the perfect amount for most people. Oxyshred contains 150mg of caffeine can be said to be the optimal amount to satisy the general population. Lastly, EHPlabs have some of the best flavours available on the market. It really is hard to decide which is the best flavour of Oxyshred, so people tend to try them all!

Why is Oxyshred so popular?

When formulating the worlds most popular weight loss product, you need to think long and hard about the ingredients you choose to help peoples fat loss journey to be as enjoyable as possible. Reaching over 1 million people in a positive manner was EHPLabs initial goal and to do so they needed a product that stood out from the rest. We all know the weight loss journey can be a strain on body and mind so EHPLabs took this into account. They included ingredients that not only help to boost your mood and increase fat burning but also aid in immunity. Oxyshred contains a relatively low stimulant formulation, focusing on a clever combination on ingredients to increase metabolic rate over the suppression of appetite. Supporting a healthy sustainable approach to losing fat thereby making it a product of choice for longer periods of time.

To make a product that keeps people coming back time and time again you need a great formula and even better flavours. In an era where the standard flavours of grape, lemon lime and blue raspberry were prevalent, EHPLabs went against the grain, developing breakthrough flavours that created a whole new standard in the industry.

EHPLabs has continued to bring its A game coming out with more flavours including limited edition versions while keeping the same great formula we all know and love.

8 Oxyshred Flavours to choose from!

Here at PowerSupps we are big fans of Oxyshred and we wanted to hear what your favourite flavours were to. We held a vote on our socials to help us decide once and for all which is the best flavour of Oxyshred.

#8 Wild Melon:  Coming in at number 8 we have Wild Melon. People have expected this to taste like watermelon but due to the colour code on the front you can tell its vying for that fresh rockmelon vibe. A flavour with a pleasant aroma of a fresh fruit salad and a sweet taste to boot, Wild Melon has been growing in popularity due to its authentic taste. Rockmelon fans this flavour is for you!

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#7 Passionfruit: Number 7 is Oxyshred Passionfruit. Like many of the other flavours of Oxyshred they nail the wafting aroma of the fruit, which is no different to Passionfruit flavour. With a sweet zing of passionfruit with every sip, Passionfruit will leave you hoping the shaker never ends.

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#6 Pink Grapefruit: Number 6 is Oxyshred Pink Grapefruit. A very unique flavour profile that had never been done before, this flavour has a very sweet and tantalising aroma once you open the tub. Pink Grapefruit flavour is subtle yet so refreshing. If you like something on the sweeter side you will no doubt love the Pink Grapefruit flavour.

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#5 Mango: Number 5 goes to Oxyshred Mango. This fruit is a Queensland favourite here in the summer so natuarlly will always be a popular seller. Reminding you of the unforgettable smell of a ripe mango on a hot summers day, with a taste just as refreshing. There’s no better way than to start a hot summers day than with Mango Oxyshred.

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#4 Raspberry Refresh: Number 4 is Oxyshred Raspberry Refresh. Raspberry was a limited edition flavour which had to be turned into a reqular flavour due to its popularity. This flavour really grabbed the attention of the red lolly fans out there and quickly grew a cult following. Opening the tub is like ripping open a bag of your favourite red frogs, it will not disappoint.

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#3 Cosmic Blast: Number 3 is a blast from the past, hitting your flavour pallet with sweet strawberry tones. Cosmic blast was a limited edition flavour that had to be turned into a regular flavour. This really takes you back to chewing on a pink starburst lolly. With a sweet aroma upon opening, to a refreshing and delicious sip each and every time. Ehplabs Oxyshred fans out there if you love your sweets this is your go too.

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#2 Kiwi Strawberry: Number 2 is Oxyshred Kiwi strawberry. Ehplabs Oxyshred never ceases to amaze time and time again with its true to real life flavours. Combining the sourness of kiwi and the sweetness of strawberry you have the ultimate kiwi strawberry fat burner. So easy to drink and enjoy this is definitely going to be a long term popular flavour.

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#1: Guava Flavour: Number 1, our winner Guava Paradise Oxyshred. Ehplabs Oxyshred has gone above and beyond with it’s flavours profiles but none have won the crowd over like Guava Paradise. If you are a sweet fruits fan this is your pick. A subtle but delicious flavour that will have you wanting to drink it all day long.

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And an honourable mention Rainbow Candy Oxyshred. This is a Limited Edition flavour that we think is like opening a bag of skittles. This flavour hits you with the very smell that you can almost taste the product without drinking it! We really hope EHPLabs makes this flavour into a long term one due to how popular it has been.

Oxyshred Ingredients

Key Fat Burning Ingredients:

With a impressive Ingredient list, each chosen for a specific purpose in the right doses to give you the most effective experience.

  • Boasting Acetyl-L-Carnitine for body fat oxidisation
  • A mild dose of Caffeine for its metabolic properties
  • L-Tyrosine an amino acid for mood enhancement
  • Garcinia Cambogia to reduce appetite
  • CLA for its proven effectiveness for body recomposition
  • And many many more all aimed at giving you the best in class for fat burners.

Sweetners in Oxyshred

Ehplabs Oxyshred make primary use of natural flavours for its flavour systems. This means you get a truly authentic real life experience when tasting your new favourite fat burner. Containing no artificial flavours, colours or food dyes. No Aspartame or Acesulfame potassium.

How to mix up your Oxyshred

To mix your Ehplabs Oxyshred take one scoop and mix in the morning with 300-600ml of water. The sweeter you like the product, the less water you will need to use. Oxyshred can be taken twice daily. Depending on the training schedule you might want to spread the serves out throughout the day. A popular method is to have 1 serve first thing in the morning and another around midday or early afternoon.

Summing it up…

EHPLabs Oxyshred is a standout in the supplement industry and has been now for many years. This will likely continue with the expansion into other countries around the world. Boasting an impressive nutritional profile, along with some of the best flavours on the market, it is really hard to go past this product for anyone looking to improve their body composition.