Best c4 Pre Workout Flavours

best c4 pre workout flavours

These days there seems to be a plenty of choice when it comes to pre-workout supplements. On top of this brands are trying to come up with new and improved flavours to match current trends. Cellucor have stayed true to their original C4 Pre Workout formula but they have started to play arond with a few new flavours. With that in mind lets cover the best C4 Pre Workout flavours in the blog.

Pre-workouts for most tend to well and truly be a given and a sure fire way to ensure that you can perform at your absolute best. Cellucor’s C4 pre workout has been a staple for millions for years now and still continues to be. With a total of 11 flavours it can be a difficult choice to know exactly what will be your number one flavour. Here at Power Supps we’ve tried and tested each flavour and even though you really can’t go wrong no matter what flavour you choose, this will certainly help you to narrow it all down.

Cellucor C4 Pre-workout Review

When it comes to popular pre-workouts, Cellucor’s C4 would have to take precedence as the reigning king as Australia and America’s number one top selling pre-workout. The experience that C4 provides is one that has millions coming back for more due to it’s solid reputation and classic original formula that provides explosive energy, enhanced focus and some serious pumps.

Cellucor’s Original C4 boasts a comprehensive list of effectively dosed ingredients that has created a well-rounded product that is suitable from everyone from beginners to those who are more advanced. It’s easy to think that products such as C4 are all but hype. However the accolades that this award winning product has collected over the years has solidified C4 as a leader within the pre-workout category for years.

Why is C4 so Popular?

So if it’s not all just hype then what is it that makes Cellucor’s C4 so popular? When it comes to the star ingredients of Cellucor’s C4 Original, Creatine Nitrate, Beta Alanine and Tyrosine, come together to make a solid mix for energy, focus, endurance and blood flow. It’s not just the core ingredients and explosive energy blend that make this product attractive. The addition of vitamins rounds out this product nicely to be more than just a pre-workout but a product that will help you to unlock your full potential.

Key Ingredients in Original Cellucor C4

Core Ingredients

  • 1.6g CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine to aid in muscular endurance and also acts as a lactic acid buffer, ultimately allowing you to perform better overall.
  • 1g Creatine Nitrate (NO3-T) for muscle protein synthesis and enhancing phosphocreatine in the muscles. Creatine is ideal for helping you to perform a greater work volume during your training sessions which will only aid in long-term muscle growth together with increasing the cell volume micronized creatine monohydrate
  • 1g Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) also an aid in muscle protein synthesis and ideal for those intense gym sessions by increasing nitric oxide and allowing you to perform longer and at a higher intensity.

Explosive Energy Blend

  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine has been included for mood regulation and enhancing overall performance with laser like focus .
  • Caffeine in a rather modest dose that will still give you the alertness, fat-burning, focus and performance benefits but without the crash of a product dosed more heavily. The C4 Original formula uses caffeine over green coffee bean extract found in some other varieties.
  • Velvet Bean or Macuna Puriens for improved energy ,endurance and heightened mental focus.
  • Theacrine as TeaCrine for improved mental and physical performance. 

Other Ingredients

  • Cellucor C4 Original also contains B Vitamins, which support ATP production, and vitamin C, which helps to lower cortisol levels during exercise during exercise. Cellucor have also included Folate in the ingredient profile. Folate helps the body make new red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body

Best C4 Pre-workout Flavours

Now to what you are really here to read! For some, flavours are not the priority especially when it comes to the good old pre-workout. But if you are anything like us, then flavour is well towards the top of the list when it comes to choosing your favourite supplements.

We will say this first. C4 doesn’t disappoint in the flavour department. In fact, there are 11 delicious flavours to choose from. But if you are wanting to narrow it down a little then we will endeavour to shed some light on the impressive list to make your choice just that little bit easier.

#11 Orange

If sipping on a glass of orange juice before you train sounds like you then Cellucors C4 Orange flavour wont disappoint. An easy choice with a smooth flavour that is both satisfying and energising just the way a big glass of OJ should be. The flavour is not too heavy nor sweet as opposed to some of the other flavours.

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#10 Green Apple

Green Apple flavour is quite a unique flavour choice when it comes to supplements. Cellucor have managed to create a flavour that is rather refreshing but not too dissimilar to that of apple juice with just the right amount of extra sweetness. The green apple is sweetened to just the right amount to create a flavour that balances out tart and sweet.

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#9 Cherry Limeade

Think of the old school classic tangy lime-flavoured drink with just the right level of sweetness from the cherry to balance out the tang. If you are a fan of the classic American cherry flavours then Cherry Limeade will be the unique flavour combination that will delight your taste buds.

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#8 Berry Bomb

Think of all the berries you know and put them together to form Cellucor’s Berry Bomb. This flavour is a fruit-candy type blend of sweet and tart berries for an absolute berry overload. Berry Bomb is a truly satisfying flavour combination that is welcoming for even the toughest of workouts.

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#7 Pineapple

When you bite into a juicy piece of fresh pineapple you get that equal hit of tang and subtle sweetness that leaves your taste buds somewhat mesmerised. If you remember the Allens Pineapple Jelly Lollies then drinking C4 Pineapple flavour will have you reminiscing of your younger years. A faint hint of tart with just the right amount of sweet is a perfect pre-workout flavour hit.

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#6 Strawberry Margarita

If you are more inclined on the sweeter side of things then this flavour is one for you. A little heavier on the strawberry side of things with the fresh undertones of sweet lime, Strawberry Margarita could be classed as the adult version of strawberry limeade. 

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#5 Pink Lemonade

Think of the all time classic lemonade flavour mixed with fairy floss. This is a more modern twist on what is a classic favourite for most. This crowd pleaser is the most popular of the flavours with just the right level of sweetness to suit just about everyone.

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#4 Sour Batch Bros

Can you remember the Sour Patch Candy? Well if you know that exact taste then this is exactly what you would expect it to be. Cellucor have designed this flavour to replicate that of the all too popular candies. This is such a clever mix of sweet-sour green apple flavour with just the right amount of sour to make the combination incredibly unique and moreish.

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#3 Fruit Punch

If you are still indecisive in the flavour department then fruit punch is always a safe, yet incredibly satisfying option. Take a walk back to your younger years and when drinking Golden Circle Fruit Punch was a treat. Hold that thought and then that’s exactly what C4 Fruit Punch tastes like. This powdered from of your old-school favourite is a sure classic and go-to if you’re ever unsure of which flavour to try next.

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#2 Watermelon

If you’re someone who tends to avoid watermelon flavours then this one is actually well worth a try. When you think of watermelon you think of something that both juicy and refreshing. C4 ticks both of those boxes with this flavour with it being a little on the sweeter side but not like the more candy flavoured watermelon flavours that can be quite common and less appealing. 

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#1 Icy Blue Razz

Last but not least – the best flavour of C4 pre-workout goes to Icy Blue Razz. Blue raspberry is the bizarre blue flavour combination that has been streaking tongues blue since childhood days. The flavour of blue raspberry lies somewhere in between raspberry and blackberry and seems to have the perfect blend of sweet and tang that makes the flavour the most popular C4 pre-workout flavour.

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How to Mix Cellucor C4

The suggested use of the Original C4 pre workout supplement is to mix one scoop in roughly 120-180 ml 20-30 minutes before exercise. Now in saying that if you find the level of sweetness or flavour of your C4 flavour of choice a little too overpowering you can always dilute the mix even more to tone it down a touch. 

For some of you a big flavour hit prior to your training session is the perfect way to give you all the motivation you need to get through intense training sessions. It just may be a case of adjusting the mix slightly to suit your taste preferences exactly.

Benefits of C4 Pre-workout

  • Improved performance and endurance especially for intense training sessions.
  • Innovative formula with effectively dosed ingredients.
  • Supports overall performance.
  • Provides enhanced energy and focus for training.
  • Suitable for beginners to the more advanced.
  • Intermediately dosed caffeine wise.
  • 11 delicious flavours to choose from.

Our Final Verdict

Out of all the other other pre workouts on the shelves today, Cellucor’s Original formula C4 appears to hold ranks in the flavour department. Like the product itself, there is a flavour choice for every taste preference.

If you are wanting single flavour profiles, then Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon or Green Apple might be more for you. If you are a little more daring then the Cherry Limeade or Icy Blue razz or Sour Patch Bros won’t disappoint by any means.

Whatever flavour you do choose however, you honestly wont go wrong. Some choose the formula over taste. But with basically every flavour being a hit there is no reason why you can’t have both formula and taste when it comes to Cellucor’s Original C4.

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