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Micellar Casein Protein Powder Online Australia

Muscle Nation Custard

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Casein Protein

Casein protein is commonly found on the shelves of supplement stores and they are frequently purchased by people trying to gain muscle. However, not everybody knows casein protein can be used to help you attain maximum results in and out of the gym! Protein supplements can be confusing, so sit back and relax as we explain what casein is and how you can use it to help you reach your goals!

Casein protein or micellar casein protein is a certain type of protein derived from milk. This dairy protein is a slow digesting protein when compared to whey protein supplements. Whey protein isolate is very fast absorbing and quickly digesting, whereas casein protein supplements take longer to break down. This means they can help keep you fuller for longer and they can also extend muscle protein synthesis (MPS). The process of MPS is crucial for limiting muscle breakdown and requires the presence of a key amino acid called leucine. The amino acid levels in casein protein are sky high because it is a complete protein!

Casein Protein vs. Whey Protein

– Casein protein and whey protein can both assist with muscle growth when combined with resistance training as they are both quality protein sources

– Both casein protein and whey protein powder contain branched chain amino acids and essential amino acids, including leucine which is the most crucial amino acid

– Whey protein digests quickly whereas casein is a slow release protein which makes whey protein a better option for before a workout or during the day

– Casein and whey are both milk protein derivatives (not to be confused with milk protein isolate) as both begin as cow’s milk

– Casein is more suited for someone trying to achieve weight loss as it is digested slowly which can improve satiety

– Casein is slightly higher in fat compared to a whey protein supplement

– Whey protein would be a better option to consume post workout as it is digested quickly so it can begin repairing your muscles as soon as possible

Why is Casein Protein Beneficial?


Micellar casein protein can help keep you fuller for longer as it is slow digesting and takes longer to break down. This makes casein a great option for someone who is in a dieting phase as it acts as a low calorie, high-protein snack. This can help mitigate negative effects of a calorie deficit like hunger. Casein is not just for people trying to gain muscle but also for those seeking weight loss.

Essential Amino Acids

In order to build muscle, the body needs to activate MPS which requires the presence of certain amino acids, all of which are present in micellar casein. Now it is true that these amino acids are also present in whey protein but the digestion rate is where these two proteins differ.

Muscle Protein Synthesis

Casein protein (micellar casein or calcium caseinate) prolongs muscle protein synthesis compared whey protein. This slow release method means our body is in a state of anti catabolic activity for longer, enabling anabolism to take place. Our muscles require several activations of this pathway easy day so that proteins are constantly being repaired and built. For this reason it is very acceptable to use a whey protein and casein protein in the same day as well as whole food sources.

Our Top 5 Casein Protein Products

Alien Custard

As the name suggests, this custard is out of this world! Alien have crafted an awesome casein custard, which mixes up into a beautifully smooth texture. Alien Custard comes in four delicious flavours which include Peanut Brittle, Vanilla Slice, Chocolate Malt and Salted Caramel. If you are someone who struggles with night time cravings, casein is a great option to satisfy that sweet tooth whilst keeping calories under control. It also provides you with a bolus of protein which supports muscle growth!

Muscle Nation Custard

This is arguably the most popular casein custard on the market because it has built a reputation for tasting delicious! This product is perfect to consume before bed or prior to a longer period where you will be without food. Casein protein has a slow digestion rate and the body breaks down casein slower which keeps you fuller for longer! Muscle Nation have a huge range of flavour options including Choc Cherry, Cinnamon Churros, Coconut Caramel, Golden Ice Cream, Banana, Choc Banana, Choc Hazelnut, Choc Mint, Cookies and Cream, Double Chocolate, Rocky Road, Strawberry Cheesecake, White Chocolate and Vanilla!

Max’s Anabolic Night

Micellar casein protein does not just come in custard form and if you prefer a shake, Max’s Anabolic Night is the product for you! This epic casein shake comes in flavours like Vanilla Shake, Rich Chocolate Mousse and Salted Caramel and mixes up perfectly. This particular product also features ingredients to assist with sleep, making it a perfect option for bed time. Reaching your protein intake has never even this easy or delicious, try Anabolic Night today!

Inspired Nutraceuticals Custard

One micellar casein protein supplement that is quickly gaining in popularity is the micellar casein from Inspired Nutraceuticals. If your goals is to limit protein breakdown and build muscle tissue, this product is a must have. It also comes in a range of flavours to help fight sweet tooth cravings. The protein found in micellar casein is of the best quality because it contains all the amino acids needed to allow muscle repair, thus preventing muscle breakdown. The flavours of this product include Boysenberry, Choc Banana, Choc Donut, Strawberry Sundae, Banana, Choc Hazelnut and Vanilla.

Maxine’s Burn Custard

Maxine’s have been making high quality supplements for women for decades, and their casein custard is one of their best sellers! If you are trying to get more protein in your diet, don’t look for high fat options like peanut butter or cheese, but rather consider having some casein custard before bed. Maxine’s Burn Custard will supply a steady release of amino acids to support muscle growth as well as being low in calories. Nutrition is extremely important whether or not you are in a long period of fat loss or muscle gain. Take your pick from Chocolate or Vanilla!

Shake vs. Custard

You may be wondering, how should you choose between a custard and a shake?

If you are wanting a product that can be easily shaken up and consumed in the same way as a whey shake, some great options include Rule 1 Casein and Max’s Anabolic Night. This would be great for someone who is simply trying to get in one last protein feeding before bed and is not too concerned about feeling full. If you are in a bulking phase for example, a shake will be much easier to get down than a bowl of custard.

Casein custard is better suited for someone looking for a bed time snack that will satisfy their craving and keep them full before bed. Many people are adherent to their diets during the day, but end up undoing their hard work at night by snacking on chips, chocolate and ice cream. Replacing those snacks with casein custard will keep your total calories much lower and increase your daily protein intake! If you are in a dieting phase, you want t0 limit the amount of calories you consume in liquid form so it can be a good idea to substitute your daily protein shake with a bowl of casein custard. This will help keep you fuller!

Directions of Use

Custard – Mix 2 scoops of micellar casein custard with 90-100ml of cold water or milk of choice and stir until the custard reaches your desired consistency. Note that this recommendation is only a guide and it may take a few attempts of making the custard before you find your ideal consistency. If you want to try something new, put your bowl of custard in the microwave after you have prepared it for a delicious warm snack.

Shake – Mix 1 scoop of micellar casein powder with 250-350ml of cold water and have it around 30 minutes prior to bed. If you are looking to change things up, try adding a scoop of your favourite casein protein powder to a smoothie, yogurt, cereal or stir into warm oats for a bowl of creamy, protein-packed goodness.


There is no denying that muscles love protein, but it is not as simple as just choosing which whey you want, as your body might benefit from something else, like casein! The anti catabolic properties of casein make it great for people wanting to build their body and its benefits on satiety also make it great for fat loss. It doesn’t matter if your goal is losing fat or building muscle, casein can have a huge impact on helping you reach your goals! If you are wanting to take your body to the next level by improving your nutrition, Power Supps is here to help! Have a look at our online store and see our huge range of casein proteins!