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Dr Dimitar Marinov, MD; PhD; Chief Assistant professor

Dr Dimitar Marinov


Dr. Dimitar Marinov is a medical doctor holding MD and PhD degrees. He is widely recognized as a prominent researcher and currently resides as a chief assistant professor in Public Health.

With a specialization in nutrition, Dr. Marinov has made significant contributions to the field through extensive publications in esteemed international peer-reviewed journals.

One of Dr. Marinov’s strengths lies in his ability to communicate complex scientific concepts with clarity and engagement. His passion for evidence-based writing is evident in his use of high-quality evidence to support any claim he makes, showcasing his dedication to producing reliable and credible work.

As a medical doctor and scientist, Dr. Marinov possesses a unique blend of expertise in medicine and health, complemented by exceptional research skills. To delve deeper into his professional background and explore his research, please visit his LinkedIn profile, professional webpage and research profiles.


Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Medicine
Medical University – Varna

Doctor of Medicine – MD, Medicine
Medical University – Varna


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