Pre Workout vs Fat Burner


When it comes to choosing a Pre-Workout or a Fat Burner it is best to ask yourself a few questions so you can make the right decision. When you are taking the product, what type of training you are doing and how much caffeine/energy do you want from the product.


These products are great prior to training as they contain a vast array of ingredients that can improve the quality of a training session. They are best used before a resistance training style workout as they will help shuttle ingredients to the working muscle and will improve nutrient delivery, vasodilation (The Muscle Pump) and help recycle lactic acid out of the muscle faster. Generally, we like to recommend taking these products 15-30 minutes before training to let the ingredients settle in the stomach before training. They can also be sipped on throughout the session, especially if you tend to train for longer periods of time.

Fat Burners or Thermogenics

Fat Burners will give the user a longer lasting energy than a standard pre workout. The ingredients used in Fat Burners will differ and are generally designed for that increased feeling of energy for longer periods of time. Most companies will not use direct muscle enhancing ingredients in Fat burners, so we always recommend adding a creatine supplement for added benefits. Take a Fat Burner before a cardio session or mix it in a bottle (600ml-800ml) and sip it over a longer period of time (this works great if you are a shift worker or do not get many rest breaks).

Take a look at the rage of fat burners and pre-workout products available to help achieve your goals!

Is Pre-Workout or a Fat burner better?

Depending on the goal the individual is trying to achieve this can go either way. We generally do not recommend using a pre workout before cardio-based activities. The ingredients used in a Pre-Workout can reduce the amount of oxygen that can get to the user, therefor reducing the ability for the user to do more cardio based activities. A Fat Burner is fine before a resistance-based workout but keeping in mind they generally lack the muscle performing ingredients.

Pre-Workout Benefits

  • Muscle performance ingredients like Creatine which is 100% proven to build muscle, improve performance and strength
  • Suitable for short bursts of energy
  • Ingredients to help deliver nutrients to the working muscle
  • Beta-alanine which is found in 99% of pre workouts can have a significant effect on recycling lactic acid out of the muscle faster
  • Vasodilating ingredients to help promote blood flow to working muscles
  • Mood boosting ingredients to improve focus and concentration

Fat Burner Benefits

  • Long lasting energy so the individual can get more out of the exercise they are doing
  • Thermogenic ingredients to promote body fat to be used as energy/fuel
  • Improved focus and concentration due to mood boosting ingredients
  • Appetite suppression in between meals or when the hunger cravings kick in
  • Can be taken anytime of the day to give the user that much needed boost they need in the morning or after a long day at work!

Pre-workout and Fat Burner Considerations

The biggest consideration when taking a Fat Burner or Pre-Workout is the amount of caffeine in the product. Power Supps feels it is always best to find out the tolerance of an individual to caffeine before recommending a product so we can limit any adverse effects that may happen. We feel that when we can get the caffeine or energy content of a product to match the user’s preference, we will get the recommendation right 99% of the time!!

If you want to ask us a recommendation, please send us an email to so we can help you make the right decision! You might be playing a sport, new to the gym or just wanting some more energy throughout the day, we can help make the right decision for you.

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