Snacking and binge eating would have to be the most common draw back from people trying to stick to their eating plan. When a plan is created and written out it looks good sitting there in a pretty document, spaced out in perfect 3-hour increments and the total macros down the bottom.

The first day of sticking to the plan starts and from the get-go it will not be perfect. Kids, work, forgetting meals, working 2 jobs, nightshift, it just does not stop! Anyone would think the world is out to get us when it comes to sticking to a plan. Being able to improvise or have some alternatives to replace will be the easiest way to staying on track.

The extra calories consumed when snacking is the main reason people find it hard to achieve their body composition goals. Learning how to substitute snacks in is an especially important asset that will have you reaching your goals in no time. Have a look at the following tips and treats that can be used to make your goals become a reality.

Here is a few tips to TRY to reduce binge eating and snacking:

  1. Plan your day as best as possible with some snacks handy. A day will not always go perfect when it comes to sticking to a plan so having some back up snacks always helps.
  2. Learn that a little bit of hunger is ok. If you are running late to have a meal whether it be 1 or 2 hours that is ok. Reducing the time between your next meals is perfectly ok.
  3. Sweet tooth cravings. There are now products like Muscle Nation Custard that have been extremely popular for the very reason that they taste amazing and will satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth. You can use this product any time of the day to help get through those periods when you just want to raid the vending machine!
  4. Pre pack the meals. This will be the safest way to ensuring you stick to the plan. If you have to run around everywhere trying to get certain foods it will come unstuck very quickly.
  5. Bake yourself some treats. Whether it be some protein balls, protein pancakes or some of the Macro Mike Baking mixes there is always something available. Macro Mike have an incredible baking mix range that includes pancakes, donuts, brownies, cookies and now even ice cream!!!!!
  6. On the go snacks. Depending on how busy you are protein shakes and protein bars are the ultimate on the go snack. It can be as simple as mixing a shake up with some water or chomping down a bar while getting between meetings or appointments.

If you would like any recommendations of products or some general guidance with what you are trying to do send us an email [email protected] and we will assist you!