The new ATP Science TGA approved product range! Long story short, with industry changes a lot of companies will have to start making changes to suit the new legislation. One thing you can be certain is that ATP Science will always come back bigger and better!

They have released 4 new products to the market already with a bunch to come in the months ahead! Below are the new ATP Science TGA Approved Products.


Power Supps brings you ATP Science Adrenal RX!
The demands of life leave many of us tired, stressed, unable to think or concentrate, and increasingly unable to cope with all the additional things that life throws at us. It may be that pressures to perform come from outside sources, but often it’s our own dreams and goals that demand us to push more, sometimes beyond our capabilities.
There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, we have only one life to live and some of us want to squeeze as many things in there as we possibly can. But we are also human and have certain limitations.
ATP Science specifically formulated Adrenal RX to assist in the support of adrenal and brain function during times of physical and mental stress using high-quality herbs and clinically researched ingredients.
Stress and being busy will always be part of our lives for most of us, and while we cannot always take the stressful situations away, we can improve the way we cope with it.

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Welcome to the Power Supps ATP Science Venus E-Tox!
We know you are a superwoman and you deserve to feel like one too, but from time to time, you may feel like your hormones could be interfering with your mojo.
We formulated ATP Science Venus E-tox specifically for women who regularly have to manage the symptoms of premenstrual tension and menstrual cycle irregularity because life doesn’t stop for anyone and family, home and work still demand your energy and attention regardless of how you may be feeling.
Venus E-tox may reduce menstrual cycle irregularities and may help relieve symptoms of Premenstrual tension (PMT) such as:
• Mood swings, irritability, and aggression associated with PMT
• Relieve abdominal bloating and distension
• The occurrence of symptoms of headache
• The temporary relieve mild fluid retention
• Decrease breast pain and tenderness associated with PMT
• Relieve abdominal pain and discomfort
• The occurrence of symptoms of acne

As with all our ATP Science products they only use high-quality ingredients that help to support your normal body processes naturally. The ingredients used in Venus E-Tox help reduce premenstrual tension, maintain and support female reproductive system health, support natural liver detoxification and assist the body’s natural cleansing/detoxification processes.The new ATP Science TGA Approved range is really ticking a lot of boxes!

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Power Supps welcomes Z-Mag to the shelves!
Getting essential nutrients in our diets are becoming harder and harder. The typical Western diet is very low in vegetables which is where most minerals are found, and those who are eating more vegetables than the average person generally do not consume organically grown vegetables but more hydroponically grown vegetables typically found in supermarkets.
Sure, there are many pros in hydroponically grown vegetables such as that it saves you space, water, having to weed the garden, and fewer pests and disease. But you miss out on the soil organisms that sit on the roots of soil-grown organic vegetables that are essential for other aspects of health.
Consider that if you are an athlete, exercising more than the average person, or just generally busier than most people, that you are likely to be using a lot more essential nutrients than the average couch potato.
Especially minerals.

Minerals are obtained mainly from plant sources, especially organic plant sources. Deficiencies in minerals are becoming more prevalent in Western diets and have been associated with many common disorders and disease symptoms. Many processing techniques employed today in modern food preparation deplete foods of vital nutrients which include minerals and is one of the main reasons processed foods have to be fortified with minerals. Zinc is one of the most dominant minerals used in the fortification of foods these days due to it being deficient in most processed foods.
That is why at ATP Science we specifically formulated Z-MAG, to provide essential minerals for some very important metabolic processes such as:

• Promoting energy levels
• Muscle relaxation which would benefit many systems such as the musculoskeletal system and supporting cardiovascular system health
• Increasing the quality of sleep
• Decreasing muscle pains and aches
• Helping mild relaxation
• Helping bone mineralisation

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Welcome to Power Supps ATP Science Ares!
For Men
When men are young, they typically feel stronger and one reason for this is that on average young men have more of a vitally important hormone called Testosterone. The reason why men love Ares is that it helps to support testosterone synthesis, which enhances a healthy libido. Ares acts as a natural aphrodisiac to support a healthy sexual function.

For Women
Ares is not only for men. Women can also benefit from this powerful herbal combination. Ares supports a healthy hormonal balance during menopause, which helps to reduce the occurrence of menopausal symptoms. Many women suffer menopausal symptoms such as night sweats, hot flushes, irritability and mood swings. Ares is an herbal formula may help reduce these symptoms, while also promoting a healthy libido.

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ATP Science changed the name of the products because they had to. Due to TGA regulations you are not allowed to keep the same name of the previous product.

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