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If you want great supplements and wish to support a local company, you can do no better than the Max’s range of products. Formed in 1989 by legendary Australian body builder Keith Ellis, Max’s Proteins have become synonymous with Australian body building and power based sports.

Max’s pays attention to all phases of the muscle growth cycle including not only high grade proteins for muscle mass, but also recovery, strength and endurance. From cutting edge whey protein formulas to the Max’s Lab Series. Max’s provide high quality, locally made and owned supplements. If you want any further validation of their effectiveness, just consider how long Max’s have been around compared to other brands – you don’t survive that long in such a competitive field unless you are good, really good.

Lately Max’s have updated their range with new additions including Pre-Workouts, Intra Workouts and a base ingredient range.

If you are participating in the MAX’S AND MAXINE’S 12 WEEK CHALLENGE take a look at our specials or contact us directly (07) 3821 7778 and we can offer some amazing deals!!! We are a certified MAX’s and MAXINE’S seller for the 12 Week Challenge so be sure to get in contact with us 🙂

Max’s Product Range

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